How to Wash Sherpa Blanket? Follow These Simple Steps!

It’s not surprising if you want to know how to wash a sherpa blanket properly because it’s probably your favorite blanket among any others. Its soft, fluffy, and warm features are the best things about using a sherpa blanket. Moreover, it only uses artificial materials to copy the sheepskin texture, making it environment-friendly and ideal for vegans.

Most probably, if it’s your favorite blanket, you don’t want it to look and feel the same even after washing it. You don’t want to see any stain on it. Well, we also like that, which is why we’re here to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to wash sherpa blanket seamlessly. We also include some tips on removing stains on it.

Washing your sherpa blanket may seem overwhelming because of its delicate sheepskin texture, making it prone to matting. But don’t worry because cleaning and maintaining your favorite blanket is easier than you think if you follow these simple steps on how to wash sherpa blanket. 

1. Spot the Stains

The first thing you should do when washing your sherpa blanket is to spot the areas with stains. Once you see the stains, it’s essential to treat the stains first before completely washing them. If you immediately wash the blanket, some thicker stains might still be there even after the process.

2. Put the Blanket in Washing Machine

Once you have treated all the stains, you can now put the sherpa blanket on your washing machine in a gentle cycle. It’s also vital to only use warm or cold water to prevent your blanket from shedding. Moreover, you should also use mild detergent since harsh soap products might damage the materials of the blanket.

We also suggest washing your sherpa alone to avoid color staining from other materials. This is particularly crucial if you have white or light-colored sherpas. It’s also the best measure to keep your blanket from matting. Usually, when the delicate fibers of the blanket rub against other materials, they may end up pilling, ruining their fluffy texture.

3. Rinse and Dry Thoroughly

The next step is to rinse the blanket thoroughly about 3 to 4 times until there’s little to no soap at all. Usually, if you don’t rinse it well, your blanket will be prone to have a bad smell, especially if it’s also not dried up properly.

So, you also need to dry it thoroughly, but it’s not suggested to use a dryer since it might cause shedding and matting. You can dry it naturally outside or on a clothing rack inside your home if the weather is not good. However, you can also check the label of your sherpa blanket to know whether you can use a dryer on this fleece fabric. If the tag indicates that you can use a dryer, you might want to set the machine to a gentle setting.

How to Remove Stains on Sherpa Blanket

Somehow, removing stains on your sherpa blanket can be challenging, especially if the stains already seep deep into the material. But with some simple tricks, your favorite sherpa blanket will restore its soft and clean appearance. There are two methods to remove the stains of cotton and soft materials like this sherpa blanket.

Using dishwashing liquid

If you’re blanket suddenly caught on your oily plates while you’re eating your breakfast in bed, don’t panic. You can easily remove oily or greasy stains on your sherpa blanket by applying a small amount of dish soap to the affected area. It will help the fibers loosen for the stains to be easier to remove. You can leave it for at least 10 minutes before putting it in the washing machine and let the washer do the job. If the stain is still there even after washing it, you can wash it with your hands and try rubbing the stained spot carefully.

Using Baby Powder

In removing the unwanted stains on your sherpa blanket, avoid using bleach or harsh chemical to treat the spot. Instead, you can sprinkle a baby powder or cornstarch on the affected area and rub it with your fingers carefully. Then, let it settle for some time, possibly overnight, to ensure that the stains will be removed easily. The cornstarch in the baby powder will help soak up the dirt or any residue.

After soaking the blanket in the baby powder, but the stain is still visible, put a tiny amount of detergent to the area and gently rub the affected spot. Then, wash it with your hands to ensure that all the stains are removed.

Tips on Washing your Sherpa Blanket

Washing your sherpa blanket is necessary to keep it clean, soft, and warm. However, there are a few things that you should consider when maintaining this kind of blanket. Here are some of the tips to remember to prevent ruining your favorite blanket:

  • When washing a cotton blanket like a sherpa, it’s a general rule to set the washer on a low temperature and gentle setting. You can also opt for handwashing to really ensure that your blanket is washed carefully and thoroughly.
  • You can never go wrong with washing your sherpa blankets if you carefully follow the manufacturer’s tags. They include indications for the things to avoid and aspects to note when washing the fabric.
  • If your blanket seems to look dirty, it’s best to avoid using bleach to clean and restore its color because it might just even damage it otherwise.
  • We all want our blankets to smell good, but it’s best not to use fabric softener with sherpa’s sensitive materials. You can just wash it with gentle detergent.
  •  Avoid overwashing your sherpa blanket because it can significantly affect its life span. Generally, the average time to clean it is once a month. If there are stains, you can just spot and treat them without washing them completely.
  • Do not expose the newly washed sherpa blanket to high heat o temperature.


Sherpa blanket has delicate materials, but it’s also the reason why it’s probably the best blanket to snuggle under during the cold season. The comfort that it could offer is on another level, so knowing how to wash it properly is also essential to keep its soft and fluffy texture. Although it’s easy to run it on a washer, there are still things to consider to maintain your sherpa’s quality.