How to Wash Football Girdle? Effective Cleaning Tips!

Football girdle is one of the most important parts of a football player equipment. At the same time, given its high exposure to grass, mud an sweat, it is one of the most difficult pieces to maintain. Cleaning football girdle is not easy because it’s made of delicate materials that don’t get along with harsh chemicals and intense rubbing. So you have to be extremely careful and gentle when washing this piece of equipment. The article below teaches you how to wash football girdle safely and effectively.

Can you wash football girdle?

Considering that it’s made of delicate fabrics like polyester and spandex, many people would wonder whether they can wash their football girdle. The answer is yes, but you have to be cautious not to damage the pants and pads. Both hand-washing and machine-washing are welcome if you act gently, avoid hot water and use mild cleaning solutions.

How to machine-wash football girdle?

While machine-washing the football girdle shouldn’t become a habit, you can do it occassionally when you are short on time or are too tired. The experts recommend to set the machine on a cold water cycle and add a mild laundry detergent with pH that does not exceed 10. Place the girdle into the washer and let the tumble, water and detergent do their job.

Once the wash cycle is over, remove the equipment and hang it upside down on a clothing line. Make sure the sunlight does not impact the girdle directly, as excess heat and light can discolor and weaken the spandex. It the sun is too tough, hang the football pants on the porch railing or let them air-dry inside the house in a ventilated place. Allow the girdle dry completely to keep mold growth during storage at bay.

How to hand-wash football girdle?

Before you start hand-washing the football girdle, know what your girdle needs. If it’s just the sweat that has to be removed, fill 1/3 of the bathtub with warm water, add some regular detergent and immerse the pants in it. Let them soak for 20 minutes, then start to gently rub the pants to force sweat and light mud spots off. This task is a breeze because there are no stubborn stains to tackle.

After a rough match, though, your girdle may accumulate tough grass and mud stains that require a new cleaning approach. Begin by applying stain remover on the pants, then soak them in hot water. Remember that polyester and spandex are not fans of hot water. That’s why, let the pants soak only for a couple of minutes. Follow up with some rubbing job to remove the grass and mud.

If the stains are old and have already set in the fabric, fill a bucket with warm water and stain remover and let the girdle soak overnight. The water and the detergent should smooth out and loosen the grass and mud, making their removal easier. If on the next day, the stains haven’t come out completely, consider putting the girdle into the washing machine for a gentle cycle.

If you have a white girdle, you can soak it in a bleach-based solution. Since bleach is too harsh, Nflenthusiasts suggests to dilute it in water to prevent fabric damage and discoloration. Let the equipment soak in the mixture for half an hour or so, then rinse it with cold water, squeeze the excess moisture out and hang the pants to air dry. If you don’t have bleach or stain remover on hand, make a one to one solution of rubbing alcohol and water and soak the girdle in it.

How to clean girdle pads?

Although being covered with the outer fabric, pads also accumulate sweat and dirt. Before proceeding with cleaning the pads, you have to check whether they are removable or not. If the pad is integrated into the girdle fabric, you have to wash them together. Just place the girdle into the washing machine and let it clean the equipment in depth.

You get more control over the situation if the pads are detachable. Remove them from the fabric pockets and start cleaning them manually. But first of all, prepare a mixture of warm water and regular detergent. Dip a microfiber cloth in the mixture and wipe the stained pads down. Don’t scrub aggressively, as it may damage the delicate pads, making them offer a worse protection to your legs.

How often to clean football girdle?

Now that you know how to wash football girdle, you may also wonder how often you should do it. The answer is after each use. First of all, if you let sweat sit on your girdle for long, it will penetrate the fabric and cause odor. The bacteria found in sweat will grow and multiply, generating an even worse smell over time. You don’t want it to happen, that’s why, you have to act promptly.

Another reason you have to clean girdle after each match or training session is fresh grass or mud stains are easier to remove. If you let them dry and set in the fabric, you will have to spend much more time and effort on combating them later.

How to deodorize football girdle?

If your girdle has soaked in a lot of sweat during the match, chances are it smells awfully. Fortunately, there are some ways you can tackle bad odors from your football equipment. gives you 3 options that are equally effective and easy to implement. You can treat the stinky girdle with white vinegar or sprinkle baking soda on it. Also, you can freeze the pants to kill all odor-causing bacteria.


Cleaning football girdle is easy, yet you have to follow a couple of rules to make sure you don’t harm the delicate material. By learning how to wash football girdle properly you prolong the lifespan of your sports equipment. Sweat odor doesn’t damage the fabric, but it makes you feel uncomfortable while wearing the girdle. That’s why, make a point of deodorizing it with the recommended products regularly.