How to Wash Eyelash Extensions in Shower? Lashes Care Guide!

Nothing enhances your look like a good pair of falsies. However, the days of struggling to keep up with mounds and heaps of false eyelashes and mascara are long gone. With eyelash extension, you can get your dreamy eyes almost effortlessly.

However, you’ll have to deal with a new set of challenges as a result. And the first thing anyone wants to know before buying a pair of false eyelashes is how to wash them.

Here’s how you can wash your eyelash extensions in the shower with ease.

Can You Shower with Eyelash Extensions on?

First and foremost, eyelash extension can be worn in the shower. However, if you recently had your lashes done, i wouldn’t advocate swimming or showering in the first 24 hours. This is because your lash extensions require at least 24 hours for the synthetic lashes to adhere to your natural lashes.

Once this period is over, you can feel free to dive into the water without any fear. However, bear in mind that because these lashes are semi-permanent, you may need to go the additional mile to ensure they don’t come off beyond this initial period.

Here are some of the things to consider when showering with eyelashes on.

1. Avoid Hot, Steamy Showers

Always remember that high temperatures don’t take very long to weaken the adhesive in eyelash extensions and make them fall off prematurely. Therefore, if you are a sucker for hot showers, you better reduce the temperature now.

This guideline also applies to saunas, hot yoga, and steam rooms, which can reduce the lifespan of synthetic lashes.

2. Using Swimming Goggles

Wearing swimming goggles while showering is a popular technique to avoid all sorts of risks associated with water and eyelashes.

I understand how weird it may feel to wear goggles while showering but, who cares as long as it keeps your eyelashes looking bomb straight out of the shower.

However, if that’s what you are planning to do, make sure the goggles are chlorine-free and completely dry to get the most out of them. Once you’re out of the shower, thoroughly dry the goggles before removing them to ensure no water gets inside and ruins all the effort you put in to maintain your lashes.

If you aren’t a swimmer, you may notice goggles’ marks by the end of the shower. There is nothing to be concerned about; it is mainly caused by suction from the goggles, which will fade away in a few minutes or hours.

3. Carefully Choose the Products

Common body washes and soaps are packed with alcohol and oil that will stripe the glue off your eyelashes. Therefore, before using any product on your face, thoroughly check the ingredients and ensure they don’t contain these two lash peelers.

Although it is preferable to use natural products in this situation, if you are unable to obtain them, take your products to the next eyelash appointment and ask the expert for safer alternatives.

4. Handle with Care

We all saw this coming. So if you are like me and you have a habit of vigorously massaging your face with a face cleanser, prepare yourself to see the eyelash expert the very next day-they’ll come right off!

In general, rubbing your face with scrubs or face wash can be a highly effective way to instantly remove your lashes.

To prevent this, try to wash your face before or after the shower (ideally in front of the sink rather than shower) since the water will be colder, and you will be more likely to wash your face gently.

5. After Shower Pamper

After you are done with your shower, don’t go right off and dry your face harshly with a towel. This will do nothing but add strain to your eyelashes causing them to easily pullout.

In contrast, several experts recommend gently dabbing the eye area to dry your face, especially above and below the eyes. Furthermore, to keep your eyelashes in excellent condition, make sure to lift your lashes upwards using a lash wand to give them the structure they require.

What Happens If My Lash Extensions Get Wet?

This is contingent on how wet it becomes. If you happen to get your eyelashes wet before 24 hours, it may have significant repercussions. However, if it’s only a single splash, there is usually no need to worry as it won’t do any harm. If it’s more than that and you really wipe it away, you can expect to see your eyelashes getting stiff and fall off in no time.

If this happens, visit your lash stylist and get it fixed right away!

How to Wash Eyelash Extensions in Shower

When it comes to answering the question “how to wash eyelash extensions in shower?” there are a lot of misconceptions.

Here’s how you can effectively wash your eyelash extensions in the shower.

It’s okay to wash your eyelashes in the shower

In the same way that your face goes through so much dirt, makeup, and bacteria, your eyelashes do too. It is therefore quite okay to use water while showering to ensure they are clean.

After the initial 24 hours wear, you can let your eyelashes contact water. Start off by removing all your makeup using an oil-free makeup remover.

After that, gently use a natural soap or face wash to clean your eyelashes. Remember that using a cotton pad or ball to remove your makeup might cause your lashes to snap.

Brush your lashes

After a shower, lightly brush the hair of synthetic eyelashes with a disposable mascara wand to prevent clogging and extend their life span. You can do this twice a day for a minute to maintain your ideal shape.

When it comes to using products on your eyelashes, i recommend using the extension cleaning foam every three days to get rid of any built-up oils, makeup, or dust. However, cleaning premature lashes should be avoided as they might fall off before you can register it.


Getting eyelash extensions has become a common practice nowadays, thanks to the realistic looking lashes and the minimum care required for their maintenance. In this guide, we looked at how to wash eyelash extensions in shower and whether it’s all right to get them wet before 24 hours of wear. I hope you learned a good deal about washing the eyelashes and are now in a better position to make a decision.