How to Wash Curtains with Metal Grommets in Washing Machine?

There are times when we wash our curtains, but the stains are still visible, and sometimes it could be a sign that you need to restore them with deep cleaning. However, you don’t actually need to worry because it’s not as complicated as you think, even if your curtains have metal grommets. So, to make things faster and easier, we made this article to answer all your problems regarding “How To Wash Curtains With Metal Grommets In Washing Machines.”

Answering Questions About Curtains With Metal Grommets

Here are some most commonly asked questions that might help in giving you the correct information before you do your deep cleaning:

What are metal grommets?

Metal grommets serve as the guiding frame of your curtain in order for it to look firm and nicer with its shape. Other people call them the eyelet curtains because of their eye-like circular shape. Metal grommets have rings that are fixed with their header in order to set up your curtains easily.

Is it possible to wash your curtains in a washing machine when they have metal grommets?

The answer is yes. However, you should remove pins and rings first to avoid any damage to the machine. Since most curtains nowadays contain grommets, it has been considered to be washable in different ways.

Step by Step Guide on How To Wash Curtains With Metal Grommets In Washing Machines

Step 1: Take the Curtains Off From the Rod

Taking your curtains off the rod comes first before others. Sometimes, when your curtains are too high and unreachable, you will need to figure out the best way possible to remove them. While you can use a ladder for fast removal, you may also seek assistance from other people.

Please note that you should be cautious when removing curtains from the rod because it may damage the fabric, or the heaviness may fall instantly to you. As much as possible, slowly remove the curtains to avoid unnecessary dust and dirt falling to the floor.

Step 2: Remove the Pins, Hooks, and Rings of the Curtain

You may be thrilled to wash the dirty curtains that you forgot to remove the rings – and it may cause your washing machine to have damage. Please do not forget to take off the metals that may contribute to damaging your equipment. It is not only the fabric that is delicate. The machine is also sensitive to damage. By removing your hooks, rings, and pins, you will be able to clean your curtain profoundly and thoroughly.

Step 3: Set Your Washing Machine

If your washing machine supports the setting feature, you should put it in the delicate mode. Even if your curtains are not sensitive and dry clean, you should not throw them like anything in the machine. It would be best if you would set the device in the setting of the coldest temperature. Before cleaning, consider shaking the curtain no matter how heavy to remove leeching specks of dust primarily.

 Moreover, you don’t have to put any kind of soap and detergent in the water if you are not sure whether it may discolour your curtain. Washing the fabric in delicate mode with cold water will help prevent any type of warping and damage to the curtain.

Step 4: Rinse the Curtain Thoroughly

Basically, it would help if you rinsed off any remnant of dirt away from your curtain to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned and the optional soaps and dirt are all wiped off. You may do this step as much as possible until you see the water being clear. Then, you can press the curtain to remove all the excess water.

In the last rinsing, you may add your desired conditioner for the fabric. Leave it for approximately five minutes to ensure that the scent goes into the material. Then, you can press the curtain to remove all the excess water again before drying it.

Step 5:

Option 1: Dry the Curtain Naturally

After checking out the curtain and making sure that there are no more stains and dirt, you may proceed to dry them under the sun. This step is the best way if your fabric is susceptible to scratches. You may take the curtain out in the area where the sun is freely shining or in a place where there is enough wind. Leave it depending on how much time it needs to dry, and you can put it again after.

Option 2: Put the Rinsed Curtain in the Dryer

First off, set up your dryer to its low heat setting before you put the fabric inside. Too much heat may cause damage to your curtain, so it is essential to consider the temperature. You may do simple research regarding the type of fabric and the steps on drying it to be more assured in using the dryer.

Option 3: Wipe Dry Clean Only Curtains

If your curtains are a type of “Dry clean only”, you may resort to just dampening the chamois towel towards it to avoid any damage. Usually, these types of sensitive curtains are made from velvet that is known for being delicate. So, take a chamois cloth containing your chosen leather material and damp it with hot water.

Make sure that you are wringing it well to avoid having any excess liquid drenching from the curtain. Next, gently wipe the curtains down to remove the dirt and dust from them without risking any discolouration and damage. If you think the curtain is too dirty to be just wiped, you may submerge it in the tap to hot water then wring in again. Repeat until you see it clean, then proceed to dry.

Takeaways on How To Wash Curtains With Metal Grommets In Washing Machines

Here are some takeaways regarding curtains with metal grommets that you may find helpful in your regular activity:

  • If the tag specifies dry cleaning only, the fabric must be dry washed to avoid damage.
  • If the tag doesn’t specify how to clean the curtains, check the manufacturer’s website to see if there are any instructions.
  • Weights may be connected to the base of some curtains to maintain them hanging correctly, and they must be removed as well.