How to Wash a North Face Backpack?

We all know that the North face backpack is one of the sturdiest backpacks conquering the market demands and people prefer buying it for an undeniable quality. Thanks to the material used in creating the product, it can be used for sports, school, and even to style up. Aside from that, North Face Backpack gives a lot of design choices where you can choose from.

However, the North face, just like other backpacks, can accumulate dirt. The fact that you are using it every day can make it prone to bacteria and dirt. Moreover, the reason why you’re reading this means you’re interested in cleaning your backpack. So, without further adieu, let us get to know the guide together, shall we?

What are North Face Backpacks Made of?

The North Face company is truly spectacular among other brands for their outstanding dedication to building products with quality materials. They live up to the expectations of the masses and even exceed them with their finest yet affordable backpacks. As a matter of fact, you will not see one backpack made from the North Face that is low in quality.

Because of that, we researched the exact materials used in the backpacks to know why it is excellent in quality.


One of the primary materials used in the North face Backpacks is nylon. Compared to other materials, nylon is more stretchable. Meaning, it can adjust its generous capacity, which is perfect for backpacks. Products made from nylon – like the North Face Backpack, can carry heavy luggage without getting damaged. With this flexibility, the backpack can return in its comfortable initial form without any creases and wrinkles.


Polyester, unlike nylon, is a water-repellent material. It is hydrophobic enough to absorb less water than how other materials do. Because of that, polyesters got quite the attention of backpack makers, including the North face company. Polyester does not feel heavy when exposed to the absorption of water due to the fact that it repels it. It is also faster to dry because it does not absorb as much water as nylon.

Can North Face Backpacks be Washed in a Machine?

This question is always in the mind of a backpack owner. Although to answer that, north face backpacks are actually possible to wash the product in a machine. It is not recommended. Upon visiting the North Face website, you will see in their backpack protect care guide that the best way to clean the product is to spot clean it, not submerge it in water.

Putting your backpack in washing machines would mean that you will be submerging and twirling it for minutes. Imagine how risky it is for your backpack. So, if you are cleaning it in the washing machine or you’re just planning to, you better take this as a sign to find an alternative way. Don’t worry because we will teach you how to clean it properly.

How to Wash a North Face Backpack

One way of “How to Wash a North Face Backpack” is to wash or hand wash it manually. For this method, you will need a mild and non-bleaching detergent, toothbrush, cloth to damp, hanger and access in the sink or tub. When you gather all the stuff you need, here’s what you should do:

1. Ensure That the Backpack is Empty.

This may seem obvious and a no-brainer instruction, but it is actually more of a reminder. People tend to clean the stuff in such a lazy manner that they can sometimes forget the things inside the product. By checking out every pocket of the bag, you can prevent any damage from happening. Remember, if you want to save energy, it’s more of a reason to check the bags – it saves money from buying a new one.

2. Brush / Scrape the Stains or Dirt

Using your toothbrush for initial cleaning is a great way to lessen the dirt. You can proceed to the soaping later but brush the stains off first. Remember to include the zipper and seams in cleaning to keep it functional. Also, brush only on the surface and prevent cleaning the insides of the backpack. Finally, keep the water usage lesser as much as possible.

3. Use Soap and Cold Water in Washing

No, you won’t need to brush hard like everyone’s against you. The backpack may get damaged not from the dirt but from your constant brushing. Remember that the best way to sustain the properties of a Northface backpack is to wipe the soap and cold water in it mildly. Use a damp cloth or paper towel to start spot cleaning and wiping the product. That way, you cleaned the bag without getting it damaged. It also helps to sustain the original colour of the product.

4. Rinse the Backpack Thoroughly

This step is simply adding another layer of wiping but only with water. That is the most thorough rinsing that you can apply to the product. Don’t be tempted to submerge it in water because you will be impacting the bag. You can use another layer of detergent and mild soap only if there is still visible dirt and stains. Then, rinse it again with cold water only. Be careful not to flush the part that is unnecessary to clean.

5. Dry off the Backpack

After cleaning the bag and ensuring that there’s no remnant of soap, you need to dry it off completely. By drying, it means that you will ensure that there is no more wetness in the product before you use it. Then, using a hanger, put out the backpack outside to dry, which actually avoids corrosion and rusting. Though it is not too wet because you did not submerge the product in water, we still suggest that you leave it for hours to dry.

Why Washing Backpack is Important

It helps to sustain the natural colour. When you are washing your bag, you also allow it to stay original in its colour because of cleaning it.

It allows you to use it safely. Who wouldn’t like to wear freshly cleaned backpacks that are away from piles of germs – everyone, right? That’s precisely why you should wash your bags.

It can make the product last longer. Yes, cleaning the backpack once in a while can help it regain its properties and function better. Because of that, you prevent damages and make the product last longer.