How to Wash a Bomber Jacket? Step-by-Step Instructions!

Bomber jackets are pretty popular for people especially in winter when it’s freezing outside. That’s because bomber jackets are made out of many kinds of fabrics woven all together such as nylon, and synthetic cotton that enhanced their warm and cozy style. Who wouldn’t like to wear a warm marshmallow-like coat in winter, right?

Fun fact, did you know that bomber jackets used to be called flight jackets? The thing is before it is called a bomber, it is initially a casual garment that was originally designed for pilots. Ever since it has become popular in modern culture and fashion it then evolved as the “letterman” jacket which is one great example of how it has evolved into many styles and forms.

Reasons Why Bomber Jackets Have Become Popular in Winter

Here are three reasons why bomber jackets are very popular in Winter. I bet you’d agree to all of these:

It is Fashionable to Wear

Bomber jackets are a fantastic trend in the cold that works well with a minimalistic look. They have a throwback touch to them and can offer the younger generation an edgy look. The jackets can be worn casually with t-shirts and jeans or dressed up for a more formal look. That is mainly why people go for the bomber look in the cold days because of how comfortable yet fancy it looks. So, if you want to be fashionable yet warm at the same time, bomber jackets are the key.

It is Warm to Wear

This may seem a little redundant but wearing bomber jackets really does the main point of making the person comfortable due to its military-grade level of thickness and comfortability. This jacket is a ball of warmth during winter that ensures you the right thickness of the fabric. Wearing it, you wouldn’t even feel the cold outside and people are always into it. Aside from the convenience of style that it offers, it is also practical as a warm kind of wear during the ice-cold winter.

It is unisex to Wear

Since originally, bomber jackets were designed for men, it has been revolutionized by fashion wherein women can also wear it in style. True enough, seeing a woman wearing this jacket is as cool as seeing a man in it. The fact that this jacket offers great comfort is enough of a reason for women to deserve it as a garment too. That’s also why bomber jackets have become popular – because it doesn’t pick any gender to style up.

Guide on How to Wash Bomber Jacket

While it is really nice to wear bomber jackets, it could be a huge hassle at the laundry. Aside from the size and weight, this jacket is also hard to wash especially if you don’t know the proper way. Thus, here is how to wash bomber jackets, in a friendly and easier way.

Step 1: Wash the jacket individually and manually

If you really want to wash the jacket thoroughly, you might want to allot space and time for its own wash day because it is inevitable for it to take a long time. You see, bomber jackets need to be washed individually because it needs a lot of space for it to be cleaned. Furthermore, it should be cleaned manually especially when it is really filthy so that the visible and invisible dirt can be equally washed on the surface.

Step 2: Use Mild Detergent to Delicately Wash the Jacket

You don’t need a strong kind of detergent in washing bomber jackets because it can only cause harm to them. Mild detergents are more suitable for the jacket as it should be washed delicately in a mild condition. If you thought that bomber jackets aren’t sensitive enough, well you’re wrong. Because it needs only a slight pinch of detergent to be cleaned. Imagine how it would smell if you washed it with a bunch of soap and detergent.

Step 3: Use Cold Water Towards the Jacket

Another wrong idea that you could do is to wash the bomber jacket in warm water. Because the proper way of washing this kind of jacket is to use water that is cold enough to be washed. For more information about the water temperature, you can look it up into the tag provided within the coat’s collar and use the proper guide.

Step 4: Skip the Spin Cycle in Washing the Jacket

Again, bomber jackets needed to be washed thoroughly so it is advisable to manually wash it. Manual wash means you should skip the endless cycle of washing machine spinning and put the jacket in a tub to wash instead. From time to time, if you think the jacket is not that dirty, you can try the spin cycle for a more speedy and convenient process.

Step 5: Air Drying for Bomber Jackets

Unless the dryer is set on the “Air Dry” mode, you should never try to put the bomber jacket in a dryer. First of all, it can ruin the fabric; Second, it can cause damage. If there is enough wind outdoors you can air dry it and let it get unsoaked in water naturally. However, if you want a speedy process, you can use the air dry mode in the dryer to do the work. Remember that you should not do the dryer technique too often with a bomber jacket because it can eventually ruin the garment.


The cleaning methods for a bomber jacket made of a material other than nylon or synthetic cotton will be different. Some textiles should be hand-washed, while others should be dry cleaned.

On the other hand, the hood of some bomber jackets is made of cotton or fur, and it can be removed or not. The fur on a jacket can make cleaning more difficult because it can lose its fluffiness if washed incorrectly, so non-removable fur jackets should be dry cleaned.

To ensure that you are taking care of the jacket properly, you may read the care directions on the inner label to ensure you’re okay with the cleaning method. If your jacket doesn’t come with a separate card with washing instructions, make sure to ask the shop if one is included.