How to Cleanse Your Crystals with Incense?

Shiny. Glamorous. Expensive. These are some of the characteristics that you can see in a crystal. It is a natural mineral that forms when the small particles and liquids start to have cooler temperatures and have a solid formation. According to Tiny Rituals, crystallization happens when hot molten lava starts to harden; It can also occur when the liquid begins to evaporate in a natural combination. Most crystals take a thousand years to form, that’s why it’s precious in the industries.

Contemporary fashion and lifestyle organizations have included crystals prominently in the circle of trends. Multiple physical and online shops showcase entire chunks of crystals, promoting the products with their supposed therapeutic properties and power. Even celebrities are starting to put trace amounts of crystals in their new fragrance merchandise. Everyone has actually loved crystal ever since the historic period.

Indeed, it’s not a new case because even during the Middle Ages, specific authors and poets used crystal imagery in unexpected ways in their literature. From then on, crystals were utilized by certain medieval writers to investigate desire and the ambiguity of romance and are frequently seen as a symbol of innocence and perfection.

What Do People Do With Crystals?

As we’re here on the subject of crystals. Here is some usage of crystals that you’ll get surprised with:

For Reassurance and Support

Panicking and intrusive thoughts can be challenging to handle, especially when you are a person with anxiety. It can make you feel down, lonely, alone and worst case. You’ll feel hopeless. However, you can have the reassurance and support needed to get through each day when you hold crystals. That’s because of the energy that crystals give inside your body and mind.

For Meditation and Yoga

Many people use crystals in their yoga and meditation to have more positive energy and relaxation. Simply putting it beside your mat can help reduce all the stress you have, so many experts recommend using it. If you feel like your meditation routine is not working, you can use crystals and see the improvements.

To Manifest Wealth

Manifesting has been used a lot lately because of its proven effectiveness. But did you know that you can also use crystals to manifest abundance? All you have to do is put the crystal in your pocket to keep the lucky energy on it. Then, you may start manifesting the good money that you’ve always wanted.

To Reduce Insomnia

When it is hard to sleep at night, you might try to flip your pillow, drink milk or water, and use relaxation techniques. However, if all of it doesn’t work out and you don’t want medication, a crystal may help. Yes, putting crystals beside your pillow can help reduce insomnia symptoms and promote a night of better sleep.

To Clean the Negative Energy

Negative energies could be lurking around us all the time. It may cause us to have all kinds of negative vibes such as overthinking, paranoia, being too doubtful, and more. Thus, to clean the negative energy that we cannot even see, there are crystals to help. It is proof that it’s not just about the appearance but the admirable properties of the crystal.

Detailed Guide in How to Cleanse Your Crystals With Incense

As you may not know, crystals need proper cleaning to maintain it’s healing and therapeutic energy longer. While there are many ways to clean it, such as with salt, water, and moonlight, you can also clean it with incense. Here is a guide on how you should do it.

1. Choose what incense to Use.

There are a variety of incense in the market that you can use in cleaning crystals. Some of the types of incense include stick, coil, fragranced wood, kneaded, sachet, and cone. Determine what you want to use through the aromatic one is recommended for those who have no allergies. The most common is the incense stick; however, you can also try the dried herbs. The most important way to decide what kind of incense to use is to see its smoke cleansing properties.

2. Go in a Room with Herbs and Plants of its Purifying Property

The study of News Stanford regarding incense and crystal is that it is more effective with purifying plants besides the process. Some examples of plants that have the property of purification are snake plants and cactus. Aside from the fact that it can cleanse the air, reduce radiation, it can also assist in purifying your crystal because it helps the surroundings clean. So before you burn the incense, go in a room with herbs and plants of its purifying property.

3. Let the incense smoke.

After choosing your incense, you may know to burn it and let it smoke for a while. That way, the stuffy vibes in your crystals are taken away instantly. Note that you can clean your incense daily, and it will not lose any healing property after. Incense smoke helps clean the bad energy that your crystal has absorbed, so cleansing it with incense doesn’t relate to the damage. Moreover, the smoke can help to tidy up your own field of energy.

Why You Should Learn How to Cleanse Your Crystals With Incense

Crystals are precious materials, so knowing how to take care of them properly is a must. And one way to take care of it is to clean it with incense. According to Bustle, incense has all the elements needed to purify the crystal back in its flattering shape. Here are more reasons to know the cleansing method of crystal with incense:

To Prolong the Effectiveness of Crystal

You may say that the crystal is effective, but if the negative energy keeps piling up on it, it may eventually malfunction or have difficulties absorbing. Cleaning crystals with incense helps to prolong the effectiveness by wiping off the ominous aura around them.

To Sustain the Properties of Crystal

Sustaining the healing and therapeutic properties inside a crystal is very important because it’s the absolute sense in a nutshell. The moment you buy yourself a crystal, there is an automatic responsibility for you to clean it as it should be. For the crystal to help you, you must enable it to get cleaned too.