How to Cleanse Chakra Bracelet? Achieving the Best Positive Energies!

Many individuals use crystals to relax their minds, bodies, and souls. Some people think that crystals operate on an energy level, releasing inherent frequencies out into the world due to their presence.

It is common for crystals to travel considerable distances, from the source to the merchant, before being purchased. Each shift opens the stone to forces that may be out of sync with your own, making it more vulnerable to damage.

Furthermore, when utilized for recovery, these stones absorb or divert the negativity you are attempting to eliminate. The only method to bring your crystal back to its original form is to clean and recharge it regularly. This act of kindness can also help you to re-energize your feeling of purpose.

Of course, not everyone knows how to cleanse the crystals in their chakra bracelets, so let this article help you on what to do. In addition, this article tells you everything you should know on how to cleanse chakra bracelets effectively so that you can use them more efficiently.

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Why Crystals Need To Be Cleaned

The crystal is one of the most ancient and well-documented objects in the world. Simply put, a crystal is a crystal.

It is energy that is held within a non-solid, transparent form. It contains each color and energy that is found within the visible universe.

No one substance or quality is exclusive to one object. There are a variety of crystals in use today. All of them hold a capacity to work in harmony with others. Many crystals are responsible for different aspects of our life.

For example, we use rose quartz to attract love and romance into our lives, while howlite is used for a night of better sleep. Tourmaline cleanses our body from diseases, while peridot brings peace and calm in relationships.

Your chakra bracelet must have different crystals that will work towards their specific purposes to address the other struggles in your life. The more often you use your crystals in the chakra bracelet, the more energy it gets. However, if it is not cleansed, it will not absorb more energy, leaving it useless like a stone on the ground.

Thus, it is essential that you know how to cleanse chakra bracelet for more efficient handling of energy for your life.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals?

Cleansing your crystal can be a long and arduous process, with various methods used to achieve this end. There are different methods you can use to cleanse your crystals. These are some of the known methods.

Salt Water Method

In this method, you are using saltwater to cleanse your crystals. Salt has been known to absorb excess and unwanted energy throughout history. It is also known to banish any negativity in the crystals effectively.

You can either use seawater if you live near the sea or the ocean, or you can mix a tablespoon of any salt into a bowl of freshwater. Then, submerge your stones completely and soak them for up to 48 hours. After that, you should rinse the stones and pat them dry when done.

This method is perfect for hard stones but can ruin soft and porous stones, such as calcite and halite.

Running Water

Water neutralizes the negative energy that the stone has accumulated. It also can return it to the earth where it came from. You can use running water from your faucet, but if you are near a clean river, stream, or brook, you can also wash your crystals there for one minute.

You can use this method for hard stones but not for soft or brittle ones.


Anyone who owns any stone can use this method on any stone, so if your chakra bracelet is composed of soft and hard stones, this one is for you.

Sage is known to have many healing properties, and crystal owners use it to cleanse their crystals from discordant vibrations and restore their stones’ natural energies.

You should do this trick near an open window or outdoors if you have the space so that the negative energy will eventually disperse together with the smoke.

Set fire to the tip of your sage, then grab your stone, grasp it firmly as you envelop your chakra bracelet to the smoke for up to 30 seconds. You can extend it for up to a minute if you haven’t cleaned it for quite some time. This is known to be a very effective method, and many people are swearing on its great benefits.

How To Recharge Your Crystals

As mentioned, crystals are often taken care of regularly when customers seek the aid of a spiritual healer. They are often steeped in bathwater, dried with natural plant fibers, and carefully wrapped in cotton.

Typically, the best way to cleanse and recharge your crystal is to gently remove the sediment from its interior by rubbing a bath sponge over the surface. Then, rinse the sponge quickly with water and replace it in the basin. Repeat this process twice per week.

Some stones are found to emit different vibrations than the rest. So, before bringing your gemstone into a clear space, perform a quick “mind scan” with your entire body.


You may find that a simple cleaning of your crystal can brighten your day and inspire your abilities to keep moving forward in your recovery. There are many methods you can use on how to cleanse a chakra bracelet.

However, it is essential that you do your research because some methods might harm or damage your stones if they are not meant to be used on them. You can search for cleansing methods that you can use for any stones on your chakra bracelet if the bracelet is composed of soft and hard stones. Otherwise, you can use methods suitable for hard or soft and brittle stones.

Remember, your healing has no bounds. Regularly cleansing your crystals can help you achieve the best positive energies and cast away all the negativity that might harbor and take hold of your life. Crystals are powerful, but every powerful weapon must be maintained to be used for a long time.