How to Clean TENS Pads? Easy Steps to Remain Cleanliness!

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, most commonly known as TENS, is a device run by a battery used to treat muscle pain. It is highly effective in treating physical pain because it sends pulses in an electrical medium into the skin through sticky pads – that way, the own pain killers of your body are enabled. The sticky pads are known as TENS pads.

The Importance of TENS Pads

Tens pads are essential to different kinds of physical pain that you may regularly have. Here are some examples of the symptoms it can help into:

Period Pain

Period cramps are one of the most painful feelings that every woman needs to conquer every month. It can make you feel like exploding, but you can’t. Period pains are not just about dysmenorrhea. It can also cause headaches, weakness, and nauseous. However, with TENS in pads, you are guaranteed relief in the cramps. Furthermore, it can also lessen the pain you are having so that you won’t have to go through that same nightmare over and over again.

Labor Pain

Labor pain can make you have contraction pains or a dull soreness in the spine and lower abdomen and stress in the pelvis, which are all symptoms of labor. Some women may also experience discomfort in their hips and legs. In addition, severe menstrual cramps are described by some women, whereas others define strong shocks that feel like diarrhea pains. However, TENS pads can help you lessen that pain and cramps because of their electrical ability to reduce physical pain. Furthermore, it is also easy and safe to use because it does not harm your body in any way.

Postoperative Pain

Pain in the abdominal incision region is not only uncomfortable at times, but it can also impede your recovery. To keep your muscles from becoming weak, it’s crucial to get back on the right track as quickly as possible after surgery. You may be unable to get up and go around due to pain. However, with the help of TENS pads, you can have the faster recovery needed because you won’t deal with much pain from surgery. The electrical power of TENS is enough to lessen the pain of surgeries in a modest amount. Not only will it help you to feel normal but have a fast recovery as well.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is widespread, and it typically affects the feet, hips, spine, hands, knees. Pain might be intermittent or persistent at times. The joint may feel achy, stiff, or sore often. In addition, a throbbing, grating, or searing feeling is reported by some patients who have it. But good news, because TENS pads can help in treating disturbing joint pain. That’s through the relieving ability of TENS pads to absorb and stick in the area that feels much painful.

How to Maintain Clean TENS Pads

How to clean tens pads could be one of the easiest things to do. Since TENS pads can be widely used, you must remember that they should be cleaned. First off, you should check if the pads you bought are reusable or not, depending on the instructions. As you may know, you put the places in the painful areas of the body, so it is only logical for it to stay clean and tidy in the following usage but most importantly, it should still be sticky. Therefore, here are easy steps that you can do to clean the TENS Pads that will make them remain in the sticky way possible.

Tips No. 1: Clean only the Surface

After regularly using TENS pads, you don’t need to wash it thoroughly as it may lose the sticky components. Take note that when you lose the sticky part, the effectiveness of TENS pads is reduced highly. So, ensure that when you stick the pad in your body, you are squeaky clean. By being clean yourself, it would mean less cleanliness for the pad. So, you can just clean the surface of the pads after use to reuse it again. This will not only extend the usage of your pads but will sustain the effectiveness as well.

Tips No. 2: Damp it with Slightly Wet Cloth

When there are body oils and some dirt or debris in the pads, you can resort to cleaning it with a slightly wet cloth. So, wet your cloth with warm water for it to get the oil and dirt immediately. By doing this, you are assured of the clean pads that you can still reuse. However, the first tip is still the most recommended. It is not suggested to do these tips too often because it may lose the sticky element in your pad and therefore lose effectiveness in usage.

Tips No. 3: Store it in a Sealed and Clean Surface.

By simply putting your TENS pads in a sealed box or cabinet – away from dust and dirt. You can be ensured that the pads don’t need much cleaning. Aside from that, the sticky texture is maintained so that you can use it longer – depending on your preferences. How to clean TENS pads is pretty easy for anyone.

Why You Should Maintain the Cleanliness of TENS Pads

TENS pads are our practical companion towards physical pain adventures. That’s why it deserves to be cleaned well, at least after every usage, so that it can last as our pain buddy. Here are some reasons why you should maintain the cleanliness of TENS pads.

You can use it in the longer run.

Without the proper knowledge about cleaning the TENS pads, you may think you should replace pads every other usage, which is incorrect. Maintaining cleanliness in the pad provides good use in the long run as it should be.

You can save money.

TENS pads can be costly, especially when you are replacing them a lot. Therefore, maintaining cleanliness towards the pads can not longer the life of stickiness but can also save you money. Imagine, if you didn’t know the proper cleaning you might spend too much money on replacements.

The effectiveness is maintained.

When your TENS pads have the same sticky texture, the effectiveness that you are expecting towards it will be maintained. Thus, it will give you a better service in the long run.