How to Clean Portable Sauna? Important Care Tips!

Being in a Sauna even for at least 20 minutes is quite relaxing and refreshing. The heat of the sauna helps to relieve your sore muscles and improve your health and well-being. The portable sauna also referred to as the infrared sauna, is a sophisticated and intelligent device that can achieve what the traditional sauna can’t.

Interestingly the infrared sauna will not heat the air surrounding you, but they use infrared lamps to warm your body efficiently. However, it is imperative to take care of your portable sauna by cleaning it periodically to ensure that it is safe for your health. The article below discusses how to clean a portable sauna and other important maintenance tips.

How to Clean Portable Sauna

The portable sauna is a very moist environment that will be in close contact with your skin. If the sauna is dirty or has accumulated harmful substances, it will cause very health problems to your skin. Thus it is essential to clean your sauna periodically.

Dead skin cells, hair, or sweat will easily collect on the portable sauna giving it quite an unsightly appearance and smell. But by incorporating the following cleaning tips, you will retain the structural integrity of your sauna and ensure that it is safe for your health.

Best Tips for Cleaning your Sauna

Use a Brush to Scrub

The areas such as the benches, walls, and backrest of the portable sauna are prone to accumulating dirt and debris. After using your portable sauna, ensure you scrub it using a soft brush. After scrubbing the sauna’s parts, ensure that you rinse using warm, clean water.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide or Vinegar

Hydrogen peroxide solution and vinegar are pretty effective in removing stubborn dirt on your sauna. Thus it is imperative to use these two detergents to scrub your sauna. After cleaning, you can rinse the sauna with warm, clean water. Baking soda is also effective in removing the stubborn stains in your sauna, but after prolonged use, it may leave some unsightly dark stains on the wood.

Lay Towels on the Sauna Seat

It is important to note that sweat stains can leave very stubborn stains on the sauna seats. As an essential preventive method, it is crucial to lay towels on the seats to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Also, you can invest in sauna cushions to ensure you avoid the collection of any sweat stains.

It is also important to carefully wash your towels and cushions regularly to prevent mold and bacteria accumulation.

Use Natural Ingredients in the Cleaning Process

To ensure that your sauna smells very fresh, you can use natural ingredients such as lavender leaves, lemon, or natural essential oils. This product helps eliminate an odor on your sauna and ensures that it smells fresh in the long run.

Vacuum the Floor of the Sauna

Another essential method to ensure that your sauna is compelling is to sweep or vacuum the floor periodically. It helps eliminate any dirt or debris on the floor and ensures that it is clean and smells fresh. Sweeping also allows efficient removal of any hair that may have accumulated on the floor.

Disinfect the Sauna

The portable sauna is prone to high levels of moisture that may attract mold and bacteria. The mold and bacteria are pretty notorious for causing various infections for those using the sauna. Thus it is crucial to disinfect your sauna using alcohol-based products periodically. Ensure you disinfect all surfaces of the sauna to ensure they are fresh and clean.

Use Sandpaper

You can also use sandpaper to efficiently sand the sauna’s areas that require that fresh look. You can sand these areas annually for a more fresh sauna.

It is also essential to take out your rubber mats so that you can clean them every week. Cleaning the rugs ensures that your rugs are clean and fresh.

Other Important Tips to Care of your Sauna

Clean your Foot

Before entering the portable sauna, ensure that you clean your foot carefully. You can clean your foot with a bucket of water, which should be placed in proximity to the sauna entrance or simply in the shower. If you don’t clean your foot, you will bring soil and debris into the sauna.

Avoid the Use of Hard Water

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium salts. When using a portable sauna, it is imperative to avoid the use of hard water. When the sauna steam cools, the salts will precipitate and end up forming an unpleasant lime buildup that is quite hard to remove. The accumulation of lime interferes with your sauna’s structural integrity and makes your sauna lose its aesthetic appeal.

Maintain the Sauna Vents and Doors

The sauna has various moving parts, such as vents and doors. These parts will necessitate occasional adjustments and sanding. You can check for any loose hinges or screws and make various adjustments. Sanding helps to remove any extra material on your door.

Wood Maintenance

After using your portable sauna for an extended period, it will lose its structural integrity. The wood will be exposed to harsh weather elements such as high moisture levels, sunlight, and others. However, it is not recommended that you apply wood sealant or protectant on the wood.

It is essential to regularly sand your wood and ensure that it is appealing and retains its structural integrity. In the sanding process, ensure that you carefully cover up the sauna heater using plastic materials. This ensures that you keep off the dust from the rocks. After finishing the sanding process, it is paramount to vacuum the surfaces of the sauna and wipe all surfaces using a wet cloth.

Key Takeaway

The above article discusses how to clean a portable sauna. Ideally, it is paramount to periodically clean, sweep, and vacuum the sauna and ensure that it is aesthetically appealing. You can brush the surfaces of the sauna to remove any stubborn stains on the surfaces of the sauna. To remove any unpleasing smells, ensure that you use natural ingredients such as lemon, essential oils, or lavender.