How to Clean Nike Slides with Memory Foam?

It’s hard to find better summer shoes for everyday use than memory foam slides. They are incredibly comfortable and as light as a feather, making your feet feel no stress even after wearing them for hours. As nothing around is perfect, memory foam flip flops have a disadvantage. Given daily use, they get dirty fast. And since you don’t want to walk on the street in dusty sandals, you have to clean them quiet often. Read on to learn how to clean nike slides with memory foam.

Soap and water method

Products needed:

  • Regular detergent
  • Warm water
  • Toothbrush
  • Bowl

1. Prepare the ground

To make the soapy water clean faster and more efficient, those at Memoryfoamlab suggest to remove the surface dust from the sandals first. You can do it by simply putting the shoes under a strong jet of water. The superficial dirt will get out and what is left will be tackled by the soapy solution.

2. Make the solution

Fill a bowl with running water. Make sure the water is warm as it is better at removing dirt. Add some drops of dish detergent and mix until lather is formed.

3. Spread and scrub

Pour some solution on a shoe and use a toothbrush to scrub the dirt off. You are better off to go for a toothbrush with either soft or slightly harsh bristles. Harsh bristles can scratch the foam and cause the color to fade. Of course, it will not happen after the first clean. But if you scrub the flip flops hard every day, the color will give up in time.

4. Rinse and dry

Rinse the soap away with plain water and let the nike slides air dry in a sunny place. Prop them vertically to a chair or wall to make water drip down and speed up the drying. If you need to wear the flip flops immediately after washing them, wipe them down with many paper towels until they soak up all moisture.

Baking soda method

Products needed:

  • Baking soda
  • Warm water
  • Toothbrush

1. Remove surface dirt

Place the shoes under running water to get rid of loose grime and make further cleaning easier. Baking soda is specialized in tackling stuck-on dirt and tough stains, so the layers of dust will only hinder it in doing its mission. Aside from removing stains, you can also use baking soda to eliminate odors from the slides.

2. Spread baking soda

If you wonder how to clean nike slides with memory foam with baking soda, there is nothing difficult. Just spread some soda on the slides and sprinkle some water on it. Let the soda sit for an hour so that it can loosen all stubborn dirt. Once the time has passed, grab a toothbrush and scrub the grime off.

If you are in a hurry, you can use a large brush to cover a wider area at a time. Just make sure it’s not too harsh. A small toothbrush works better for spot cleaning, as it allows you focus on the target stain.

3. Rinse and dry

Finally, wash the soda with dirt away and place the sandals under sun to air dry. Don’t forget to place them in vertical position to promote faster drying.

Can you machine-wash memory foam slippers?

Machine-washing flip flops is allowed, but you have to do it with much care. Generally it is recommended to clean the slides in the machine only when they are severely stained and hand-washing would take ages. So how do you do it? Place the sandals first in a washing bag and put it into the machine. Add laundry detergent, making sure it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can harm the foam and color.

When reaching the temp setting, avoid choosing extreme temperatures. No matter how tough stains are on the sandals, keep yourself from using hot water, as it can soften and shrinken the memory foam. Select the gentle cycle to prevent slides damage. After all settings are done, turn on the washing machine. adivises to scrub the slippers with a toothbrush after the washing cycle is over for additional cleaning effect.

How to deodorize memory foam nike flip flops?

Flip flops are prone to getting smelly due to being used daily. You can remove a fresh odor by washing the slides with warm water and soap. However, if you skip regular cleaning, the odor gets stuck into the foam. Here, a simple clean with soapy water may not help get rid of it. The best weapon against stubborn odors is baking soda. At SlippersOwner, they suggest to sprinkle the soda on the slides and let it sit overnight. This time should be enough for the baking soda to absorb all smells.

How often to clean flip flops?

How often you wear the memory foam slippers determines how often you should clean them. There is no set-in-stone time frame for washing foam sandals. You establish the cleaning schedule yourself depending on how dirty they get and how much you care about your look in public. Even if your slides don’t accumulate much grime and dust, it’s not a reason to clean them less often.

Daily wear makes sweat and body oils from your feet get on your slides. If you don’t eliminate them, they will cause unpleasant smell after a while. That being said, make a point of cleaning your nike slippers after each wear to prevent fresh dirt get dry and stubborn and sweat bacteria multiply and cause odor.

To sum up

Learning how to clean nike slides with memory foam is as easy as ABC. For light dirt, use a mixture of water and dish soap and some toothbrush scrubbing. For tough stains, go with a baking soda treatment, to not only remove stains, but also kill smells. Also, you can machine-wash your sandals to deal with stubborn dirt. Your best bet is to clean your summer shoes every time you take them off, as they are prone to accumulating grime and odor-causing bacteria. By doing so, you will extend the lifespan of your slides and make them look as appealing as new.