How to Clean Magnetic Lashes? Easy Maintaining Methods!

Getting your magnetic lashes clean is crucial to maintaining them in functionable and pristine condition. If you leave them dirty, the dust accumulated on them will weaken the magnetic bond, getting the lashes at risk of falling off in the most inappropriate moment. Here is a guideline on how to clean magnetic lashes.

Wiping Method

Step 1. Remove the lashes

Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent bacteria from passing onto your eye and cause an infection. Once your hands are perfectly clean, proceed with the lash removal. Gently grab the lash band and pull it off with motherly care using the tweezers. Don’t pull vigorously and fast, as it can tear the sensitive lash. Also, avoid grabbing the eyelash by its tiny hair fibers. Better use the lash band for removal, as it’s more durable.

Step 2. Clean the lashes

One thing to remember before starting cleaning the lashes is that they are ultra fragile. You have to behave with them with maximum care so that you don’t damage them. Take a cotton swab and dip it into makeup remover. Make sure the makeup remover does not have oil in its composition. Start wiping the lash with the swab, being as gentle as possible. You may involve in some rapid scrubbing job to remove stubborn eyeliner residue, but don’t apply too much pressure onto the lashes.

Step 3. Give magnets a deep clean

Magnets also require a royal treatment on regular basis. Soak a cotton swab in Isopropyl alcohol and gently scrub the magnetic strip of each eyelash. Don’t use brute force to scrub tough debris off, as it can deshape the magnet. In case you struggle with a stubborn makeup buildup on the magnet, use gentle repetative wiping until you finally remove it.

Step 4. Dry the lashes

Once you have gotten the magnetic lashes clean, don’t put them back on until they get completely dry. Moisture makes the bond weaker. Lay them on a towel and let them naturally dry out. Refrain from using any artificial heat source. Given their tiny size, lashes take only a couple of minutes to get fully dry and be ready for a new application.

Soaking Method

Step 1. Remove the lashes

If you look for new approaches on how to clean magnetic lashes, here is one that deserves your try. For starters, take the lashes off your eyes. Make sure you do it with your hands clean.

Step 2. Soak the lashes in makeup remover

This method implies a deeper cleaning than the previous one, as you have to soak the magnetic lashes in makeup remover. Fill a container with non-oily makeup remover and put the lashes in it. Make sure the lashes are not attached to each other. Let them soak for three minutes, allowing the cleaning agent to dissolve the eyeliner buildup. Do not let the lashes sit in makeup remover for longer, as it can damage them.

Do not overuse the soaking method, as too much exposure to liquids can upset the lashes. Soak them only for three minutes and only in emergency situations when they are extremely dirty and need a deep clean. Otherwise, the wiping method is the safest option you should go for in your effort to extend the lifespan of your lashes.

Step 3. Use tweezers

Given that you can’t keep the lashes in makeup removing solution for longer than three minutes, some eyeliner residue may stay in place. If you notice any traces of eyeliner after getting the lashes out of the container, use the tweezers to get rid of them. Grab the lash with your forefinger and thumb and pick up the debris with the tweezers. Work with extra care to prevent the sharp tweezers from damaging the sensitive lashes.

Step 4. Dry the lashes

The last step is getting your lashes dry. Place them on a towel in a ventilated room with low humidity and let them air dry. Don’t try to wipe the lashes dry with a cloth or use a blow dryer. You are better off allowing them dry naturally. After all it shouldn’t take long. Once your eyelashes are dry, comb them to keep them in proper shape.

How often to clean magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes require often cleaning. The recommended cleaning cycle is every two uses. After two uses, the lashes accumulate dust and eyeliner residue that is enough to weaken the magnetic bond and compromise the visual appeal of the lashes. Try to stay devoted to your lashes’ maintenance routine. If you skip some cleaning sessions, you will have to turn to the soaking method next time to deal with the tough debris.

Soaking the lashes permanently in makeup remover is not how you prolong their lifespan. This habit can weary the lashes and make them lose their seducing appeal and shape. That’s why, try to avoid this method by cleaning the eyelashes every two uses. If you live in an environment with a high level of pollution you expose your eyelashes to daily, consider cleaning them after each use.

Can you clean magnetic lashes with micellar water?

Yes, you can use micellar water if you don’t have makeup remover on hand. It proves highly effective at lifting eyeliner leftovers from the lashes. However, immersing the lashes in micellar water frequently can wear out the lashes over time. You are better off dipping a cotton bud in micellar water and swipe it against each lash. This will minimize the lashes exposure to liquids and prolong their service.

Final thoughts

This article answers the question “how to clean magnetic lashes?”. The proposed methods come to prove that maintaining magnetic lashes is easy, requiring little effort and time from you. The cotton swab method is safer and helps tackle the light debris. The soaking method is more efficient, but it’s harsher. That’s why, you have to avoid resorting to it often. Keep in mind, the better you care for your lashes, the longer they will last and the more money you will save on new lashes.