How to Clean Lanai Screens? Enjoying Outdoors Guide!

There are many home improvement projects property owners can undertake these days. One of the worthwhile projects is installing lanai screens. A lanai is a stand out type of open-sided or roofed patio, veranda or porch that will change the look of your home and increase its value.

Many people opt for lanai screens as efficient structures for preventing debris, insects, and unwanted objects from the area covered by window screens. Lanai is distinctive from other screening structures because it extends over the house’s roof to create a cool area and screened enclosure. They are typically installed to improve the quality of life without worrying about the outside world or harsh weather.

Occupants of the property can enjoy a conducive indoor environment in the open air. Therefore, if you are looking for an extra room within your structures, you can install screened lanai. You and your family will have an ample area to relax and have fun, especially if you put quality outdoor furniture where you can sit.

When properly installed, lanai screens are beautiful and immensely useful. You can imagine sipping your favorite coffee beverage in a safe outdoor space or let your furry friends and children enjoy an outdoor setting. And if you have been yearning to add privacy to your outdoor area, lanai screens are the most practical option.

The screens won’t block your dream scenic views but are not easy to see through from a distance. After properly installed, they add a layer that will increase a sense of privacy.

Unfortunately, many people don’t keep lanai screens in good shape and clean despite the many benefits these installations provide.

Keeping Lanai Screens in Good Condition- Everything to Know

Lanai screens can last many years of use with proper maintenance. The material used and construction can determine how long the screens last. But proper cleaning is necessary to keep the structure in good condition and increase its shelf life.

For every homeowner, lanai screens cleaning and maintenance is a beneficial and significant investment worth the efforts. However, “how to clean lanai screens?” is a common question many people find daunting to answer often. The best way to clean lanai screens is through pressure washing and at frequent intervals.

Many homeowners who are not well-accustomed to cleaning lanai screens will find the project daunting. But if you don’t take immediate actions, there are health implications that dirt, mold and grime left on the screen surface can cause. If you are determined to keep these screens in good shape, you can do wonders. Here is an incredible guide to washing your lanai screens.

1. Keep Away All Items on Your Lanai

Keeping away any small items on your lanai, like personal items and decorations, you need to remove them. Stash away all the magazines, decorations, ashtray, and water storage containers in a safe place until you are finished cleaning. If cushion covers or clothing need to be washed, remove them for the day’s laundry. Or else you will have to vacuum them thoroughly.

Go on and remove all electronics you have plugged in for day to day use on the lanai. Try and keep them in a safe place indoors until you are finished cleaning the screens. If you have bigger items or furniture, they will get wet if left inside the structure. Decide whether to vacuum them in the process or keep them away.

2. Start At the Top of the Structure

Don’t just rush into washing your lanai screens. Start from the top and clean any fixtures on the ceiling. If you have been using this structure frequently, you know the key fixtures to clean.

When you notice the bulbs are getting old, you can replace them to clean the lighting fixtures. If the ceiling is not in good shape, take care likely problem. You don’t wish to waste time during the next lanai screen cleaning project undertaking any form of maintenance and repairs.

3. Clean Manually

Before you use other methods to clean lanai screens, manually clean the structure by hand. You will need a soft bristle brush, bucket, garden hose, and chamois cloth. Use the brush to remove the debris and leaves from the screen.

Clean the stains caused by dead insects or weathering. Using your garden hose, soak the screen and its frames and then rub it with warm water mixed with soap. Carefully rinse the screen and check for any missed stain spots. With the dry and clean chamois cloth, wipe, and air-dry the screens.

4. Clean Using Pressure Washer

If your lanai screen has some hard stains to remove, pressure washing will save the day and effort. It’s the best solution to clear your uncertainties about how to clean lanai screens. A pressure washer will come in handy without damaging the screens and frame.

It’s the best washing option to get rid of stubborn mold and stains along these hard to reach areas. High-pressure washing mixed with warm water helps eliminate even stubborn grime on the lanai screens. Start with low pressure and start at the top not to damage the screens. Then go on and pressure clean the screens with medium pressure. Now you can let the screen surface dry or wipe excess water with a clean chamois cloth.

5. Using Other Solutions

If you have persistent and severe alga or mold stains, a mixture of vinegar and water will work miracles. Ensure the solution is gentler enough at a 50:50 ratio. Sprinkle the solution using a spray bottle on the affected areas. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the mold. Let the screen dry, and you are good to go.

Use bleach to remove mold or algae as the last lanai screen cleaning option. Use a small amount of bleach, and make sure you wear rubber gloves. It’s the best way to avoid chemical burns as you clean the lanai frames and screens.

Seek Professional Help If Stuck

When you still find it hard to figure out how to clean lanai screens, stress no more. Seek the services of professionals in your locality. And if you don’t have time to DIY or resources to use, lanai screens cleaning contractor will save you all the hassle.

You might be stressing about damaging your screens, but an expert can have the job done quickly and to perfection. However, make sure the contractor you hire is experienced, well-trained and licensed to operate in your region. Get a free no-obligation quote for cleaning lanai screens if you are convinced this is the right person for the job.

To Sum Up

Cleaning lanai screens shouldn’t be a taxing project if you know where to start. The most effective way is to clean using pressure washer, but you will need soap to get rid of stubborn stains, grime, and mold. Start with low pressure and then gradually increase the pressure to medium not to damage the lanai screen. If you find it difficult and risky to do-it-yourself, feel free to seek lanai screens clean services from a professional.