How to Clean Instasmile Veneers? Best Maintenance Tips!

Instasmile veneers are cosmetic dentistry options applied to your tooth to cover any flaws. These veneers are outstanding since they mitigate for no dentist trips, do not damage your teeth, and require no surgical procedures.

The primary difference between the instasmile veneers from the traditional ones is that the instasmile can be removed when you wish. These veneers are engineered from resin and are a temporary solution for most individuals.

If you want to ensure that your veneers are outstanding and durable, It is essential to take great care of them. It would be best if you cleaned them to ensure that they were bright and beautiful. Failure to clean will lead to tartar and plaque buildup, unsightly deterioration, and staining of the veneers.

Some of the methods on how to clean instasmile veneers to ensure that your veneers are outstanding are discussed in this article.

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How to Clean Instasmile Veneers?

Maintain the Right Hygiene

It is imperative to ensure you brush and rinse your mouth after each meal. This ensures that your teeth are clean and don’t damage your instasmile veneers. Since you can remove the veneers, ensure you wash them with warm water after every use. After removing your instasmile veneers, rinse with warm water and a soft brush which will help in removing any food particles. You can also invest in disinfectant tablets which will help in removing any bacteria.

The biggest problem that people make is using hot water or hard brush to clean their clip-on veneers. Remember that these veneers are pretty delicate and may chip If not handled properly. If you are aggressive with your veneers, you will end up damaging them. It is also essential to talk with your dentist about taking care of our clip-on veneers.

Change your Toothpaste

It is important to note that your clip-on veneers can be damaged by abrasive substances such as gritty toothpaste. Thus it is paramount to ensure that you consider changing your toothpaste to a lesser gritty substance.

Your dentist will recommend the best toothpaste that will not jeopardize the integrity of your veneers. Also, remember that you can remove the instasmile veneers when brushing and wash them separately. It is not recommended to wash the veneers with toothpaste. You can incorporate whitening toothpaste that ensures that your teeth do not stain and look different from the installed veneers.

Avoid Hot Water

It would be best if you never washed your clip-on veneers with extremely hot water, which is beyond 120 degrees. The water will compromise the integrity of your veneers and cause damage such as cracks on them. When cleaning the veneers, ensure you clean both the inner and outer surfaces. After cleaning, leave them to dry or shake them to fasten the drying process. Never hot air dries the veneers under any circumstance.

Also, note that the veneers are developing a bad smell. Ensure you soak them in concentrated soapy water for one hour and then brush them. Remember that if you don’t wash the veneers frequently, they will discolor.

Clean your Veneers Before and After Use

It is crucial to ensure that your veneers are cleaning and smelling fresh. The most important step you can take is cleaning your teeth before and after use. Regular cleaning ensures that you remove food debris and bacteria that may have accumulated on the veneers.

Clean the veneers with warm water and soap after and before every use. Since dental veneers are an investment in your smile, proper care and maintenance ensure your smile is beautiful.

What are Other Important Care Tips for your Clip-on Veneers?

Avoid Eating Harmful Foods

The veneers are pretty delicate; thus, you should take proper care of them if you look for a beautiful and outstanding smile. Some harmful foods can damage the veneers as well as your natural teeth. For instance, chewing on ice can leave some chips and cracks on your veneers.

Also, some food such as coffee and food dyes can stain your natural teeth. If your natural teeth are stained, they will cause a noticeable difference on your teeth which is easily detectable.

Ensure you also avoid acidic foods as they can cause tooth decay and interfere with the structural integrity of your veneers. Acidic foods include foods that contain too much acid or sugar.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking tobacco primarily affects your oral health. Smoking will also damage your veneers and natural teeth. Thus it is essential to avoid smoking under all circumstances. If you want to ensure that your veneers are outstanding and have an ideal appearance, ensure you clean them properly.

It is also imperative to avoid too much alcohol. Alcohol will soften various bonding composites that are holding the veneers to your natural teeth. Thus the bonding line will be subjected to staining, deterioration, and damage.

Remove the Veneers when Sleeping

Bruxism is a common problem for people wearing either instasmile or traditional veneers. It is the process that involves grinding your teeth when you are sleeping. Teeth grinding will damage your veneers and cause chipping and cracks.

Also, if you are engaging in contact sports such as wrestling or boxing, you can opt to remove the veneers. Another option to ensure that you protect the structural integrity of your veneers is to wear a good mouth guard. The mouth guard helps to minimize the impact of strong forces that you may encounter during contact sports.

Key Takeaway

The article discusses how to clean instasmile veneers and the best maintenance tips for your veneers. If you don’t maintain proper hygiene and effectively clean your veneers, they will stain, discolor, and produce an odor. The best cleaning tactics involve cleaning the veneers before and after use. Ensure you clean them with warm and soapy water and remove any food debris and bacteria using a soft brush.

You can also consider removing the veneers when playing contact sports or when sleeping to avoid tooth grinding. Other good maintenance tips include avoiding hard foods, smoking, drinking alcohol and, acidic foods. Lastly, it is crucial to talk with your dentist and ask for your veneers’ best cleaning and maintenance hacks.