How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes? Proper Care Guide!

Hey Dude shoes were launched in Italy around 2008. And since then, the brand has grown significantly. Currently, it has a presence in several European countries, U.S, Eastern Asia, as well as South America. You can find these shoes in almost all the major stores like Dillard’s, Zappos and Glik’s, to name just a few.

These shoes are popular across the globe due to their casual style, combined with lightweight comfort. They are designed to form to your feet while their interior features EVA foam, designed to provide cushioned comfort and flexibility. Also, Hey Dude shoes are quite affordable. In fact, you can get a pair of sneakers for around $40 while a pair of slip-ons will only cost you even less than $60.

But like any other type of shoe, it’s important to take proper care of your good shoes. Proper care will help to keep them in tip-top shape while enhancing their durability. And washing them is an important part of their maintenance routine. So, how do you clean Hey Dude shoes? Here are some handy tips on how to clean Hey Dude Shoes:

How to Wash Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude shoes are available in different materials and styles. They include canvas, leather, wool, suede, and stretch. And as you may expect, there’s no single cleaning method that can be used for all styles. Therefore, each material will require a personalized cleaning method to protect the material used and achieve the best results.


Canvas shoes are among the most popular among buyers. As with all other materials, canvas shoes will collect dirt and dust from regular use. Therefore, you will need to wash them regularly. You can either opt to wash your shoes either using a washing machine or by hand.

Machine Washing

A washing machine provides one of the best methods of how to clean Hey Dude shoes. Using a washing machine will save you a considerable amount of time and effort. So, if you have one at home, then use it.

Before you toss your shoes in the washing machine, you should first make sure that you scrub the visible dirt on the surface. And a soft-bristled brush is more than enough to get the job done. In case you don’t have a soft-bristled brush, you can simply use an old toothbrush.

Also, make sure you remove mud and any debris on the soles. And you can do that by simply clapping them together gently. Avoid using a hard-bristled brush at all costs, since they can damage the fabric in the upper.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing the dirt and debris off the shoes, you should then remove the insoles, so that you can clean them separately. From there, you should then put your Hey Dude shoes in a large pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag, whichever is available and put them in the washing machine.

It’s highly advisable to wash the shoes and clothes separately. However, you can wash them together with a few towels, as the towels will help to balance the load.

From there, you should then switch on your washing machine and set it to the lowest setting possible. Also, make sure you wash them with cold water since hot water can damage the fabric.

Remove the shoes from the washing machine once the cycle is done. You then need to stuff them with crumpled paper towels, white office paper or brown paper bags. This will help to retain their shape as they dry.

You should then take your shoes outside to air dry. Avoid drying them with a heater or any other direct source of heat, since it can severely damage the canvas. Air drying them outside may also help to deodorize them.

Hand Washing Hey Dude Shoes

Not having a washing machine shouldn’t be an excuse for keeping your canvas shoes dirty. You can still wash them by hand like you would do any other pair of shoes. And you will follow almost the same process that you would if you were using a washing machine.

You will first scrub them gently using a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt and debris from their surface. After you’ve finished that, you then need to remove their insoles and soak both the shoes and the insoles in soap solution.

You then need to scrub the shoes and the insoles using a soft-bristled brush, then leave them to soak for around 30 minutes. You should then rinse them with clean water and allow them to air dry. You also need to stuff them with white office paper, paper towels or any other plain paper that you can find to speed up their drying process.


Without proper care and maintenance, your Hey Dude leather shoes may crack, appear unsightly or even wear out prematurely. Therefore, they will need regular cleaning and conditioning, as well as polishing to keep the leather in good shape.

To clean your leather shoes, you will first need to remove dirt on the surface, using leather shoe cleaner. After cleaning them, you should then allow them to dry for a few minutes and then polish them with a shoeshine cloth or cotton fabric. An old cotton t-shirt can also do the job.

After shining the shoes, you should then apply a conditioner. Applying a conditioner will help to keep the leather supple and moist, thus preventing it from drying out and developing cracks.

It’s also advisable to weatherproof your Hey Dude leather shoes. This will help to protect them against water and other liquids that may damage the leather, leading to premature damage.


Hey Dude also produces a wide range of suede shoes. Suede shoes come with a softer grain, compared to leather. Therefore, you will need to wash them with a special brush, which you can buy together with your suede cleaning kit.

First, use your suede cleaning brush to remove dirt and dust from your pair of shoes. Ensure you brush following the same direction, to keep the shoes looking great. The brushing should be enough to remove scuffs and dirt.

If there are still some remaining on the shoe, you can remove them by using a pencil eraser. With this method, you simply need to rub the scuffed area repeatedly using the pencil eraser.

You can also try removing the scuffs and dirt using water. However, it’s important to mention that water tends to discolor suede. Therefore, you will need to apply it lightly. Dub the scuffed area with some water evenly and then take them outside to dry. Also, ensure you stuff the shoes with some plain paper when drying, to help them maintain their shape.

If your Hey Dude suede shoes are muddy, you should first allow them to dry completely. Once they are dry, you then need to use the suede brush to remove the chunks of mud from their surface.

If your suede shoes have stubborn stains, then you should use a suede brush to scrub over the stain repeatedly until it comes off. In case it still fails to come off, then you should scrub it using a nailbrush and some hot water.

For grease, you can try dabbing the stained area with cornstarch oil and leave it overnight. The cornstarch oil will draw the grease or oil from the suede. From there, you just need to brush it away. White vinegar can also help to remove stubborn stains like ink.

If none of the above methods are working, then there’s a high chance that the stain has already been set completely. And chances of removing it are completely slim. Therefore, the most effective way of removing stains from your Hey Dude suede shoes is to catch them fast before it sets.


Hey Dude wool shoes are marketed as machine washable. However, using a washing machine is not recommended, as it can damage their wool fibers. So, hand washing is the recommended method for wool shoes.

Remember to remove the insoles first. You will then need to fill a bucket with water and then add the right cleaning detergent. Ensure that the detergent you opt to use is well diluted, to minimize damage to the wool.

Allow the shoes to soak in the water for a while and then rub the stains gently. Make sure you don’t overdo it. From there, you should rinse the shoes using clean water. Avoid the temptation of squeezing them to remove the excess water, as this can shorten their lifespan.

Once you’ve rinsed them properly, you should then give them enough time to dry, in a well-ventilated area. Also, ensure you stuff them with freezer bags, white paper towels or soft plastic bags to help them maintain their shape.


As their name suggests, these Hey Dude shoes are designed to stretch according to the shape and form of the wearer’s foot. And due to their stretchiness, these shoes may require a little more care to keep them in prime shape.

The elasticated fabric used to make them is a bit more prone to damage, compared to other materials like canvas or leather. So, which is the best method of how to clean Hey Dude shoes made using elasticated fabric?

While you can still wash these shoes using a washing machine, it will be highly advisable to place them inside a pillowcase. If you wash them directly using the washing machine, they will start looking faded or washed-out after a few wears.

Deodorizing Your Hey Dude Shoes

Washing alone may sometimes not be enough to remove odors from your Hey Dude shoes, especially if you have worn them for a while. Fortunately, you can easily deodorize your shoes using some simple methods, combined with locally available materials like:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Dryer sheets

Baking Soda

Baking soda provides a simple yet highly effective agent of deodorizing shoes. You just need to add it to your shoes and then allow it to sit for at least 12 hours.

You should then remove the powder after the 12 hours are over and you will notice a considerable improvement. You can also opt to put the baking soda in a plastic bag and then putting it in the shoes. With this approach, you will not have to clean the excess powder.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is equally an effective agent for deodorizing Hey Dude shoes. However, make sure that you don’t add it directly to your shoes, since it may cause the fabric to deteriorate.

Instead, you should dampen a piece of cloth with the white vinegar and then use it to swab the entire interior of the shoe. Once you’ve done that, you should then air-dry your shoes and most of the odors will be gone.

Dryer Sheets

You can also use dryer sheets to deodorize your Hey Dude shoes, in case you don’t have baking powder or white vinegar. And using them is a straightforward process. You simply need to stuff them inside the shoe and then leave them for around 12 hours or so.

After 12 hours, you should remove the dryer sheets from the shoes and discard them in the trash. If you have some scented ones, then the results will be even better.


While this may come as a surprise for most people, you can also deodorize your Hey Dude shoes using a freezer.

For this process to work, you first need to put your shoes in a plastic bag and then wrap it tightly, to ensure dirt doesn’t spill in the freezer.

You can then leave your shoes in the freezer overnight. And by the following morning, they will have freshened up.

When you put them in the freezer, the sub-zero temperatures inside there will kill off the majority of the odor-causing bacteria inside the shoes, thus helping to freshen things up.

Minimizing Shoe Odors

While the above methods will help to deodorize your Hey Dude shoes, they may not work 100%. Therefore, prevention is always the best method.

To minimize shoe odor, you should always wear your Hey Dude shoes with socks. The socks will absorb the sweat coming from your feet, thus preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Second, avoid wearing the same pair of Hey Dude shoes every day. If possible, you should interchange them so that they can dry properly.

Third, make sure your Hey Dude shoes air out properly after every wear. You should also consider adding a deodorizing agent as they air out, for best results.

Closing Remarks

Your Hey Dude shoes deserve regular cleaning. Regular cleaning combined with other maintenance practices will help to keep them looking great while helping to extend their life. And as you can see, taking care of them is not such a hard task. You simply need to be doing it frequently. And with this approach, you will prevent them from becoming excessively stained. Consequently, you will be spending lesser time and effort when cleaning them.