How to Clean Enduroshield Shower Glass? Highly Effective Tips!

Applying an Enduroshield coating on your glass makes it less vulnerable to dirt, grime, soap scum and germs and way easier to clean. Enduroshield is a water and oil repellent which means grease and moisture don’t stick to the glass, making their removal a breeze. Read on to learn how to clean Enduroshield shower glass.

How to clean Euduroshield-treated glass screens?

Enduroshield doesn’t eliminate glass cleaning from your housekeeping checklist. You still have to clean it, but with the protective coat, you will do it much easier. Enduroshield’s mission is to prevent grime, soils and grease from sticking firmly to your glass so as you need hours of scrubbing to remove them. The debris, soap scum and oils will still get on your shower glass, as they did before, but this time they will be loose, so their removal takes one-two wipes. So how to clean Enduroshield-protected glass?

Apply a few drops of mild detergent on a damp microfiber cloth and wipe the soap scum and dirt off the shower glass. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom using gentle motions, without switching direction chaotically. Avoid saturating the cloth with detergent, as you will have to spend ages on rinsing later.

How to clean Enduroshield shower glass affected by mineral deposits?

In areas with hard water, mineral deposits accumulate on the shower glass. They are the only culprit Enduroshield coating can’t deal with. To dissolve them, you will have to step up your game with something more powerful than mild detergent. As MonaroScreens suggests, a go-to option in this case is a 5 to 1 solution of water and white vinegar.

Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spread it onto the glass areas affected by mineral spotting. Grab a sponge or a microfiber cloth and rub the glass gently to increase the effect of the vinegary solution. After some elbow grease, the soils will inevitably dissolve, and your glass will be back to sparkling condition. If the deposits are stubborn, keep spraying solution on the glass and wiping until they finally give up.

While the removal of mineral deposits is quiet a daunting task, you are better off to prevent the mineral deposits from building up and setting. All you have to do is to just wipe the water off the glass every time you finish showering. Use a squeegee to wipe the glass dry in seconds. A few squeegee wipes are better than rubbing the stubborn deposits out for a couple of minutes.

What to avoid?

There are some things you must avoid to prevent the damage of glass and Enduroshield coating. They include abrasives which refer to both cleaning products and tools. recommends to be especially wary of water spot removers, rough polishes, toothpaste and cleaners containing harsh chemicals. Strong acids and alkalis are the worst nightmare of Enduroshield. They can scrape it off with hardly any effort.

From cleaning tools, steer clear of brushes, scouring pads and scrubbing stones. Stick only to soft materials, like microfiber cloths, sponges and squeegee. They may require repeated rubbing to remove tough stains and mineral deposits, but you rest assured there are no streakes and scratches left on your glass screen after using them.

How often to clean Enduroshield glass?

Enduroshield reduces considerably the need for cleaning the surface it is applied to. That said, cleaning the glass once a week will be more than enough to permanently keep your glass in pristine condition. In between cleans, your glass will hardly get visibly spotted, because dirt and grease don’t bind to the Enduroshield coating.

If you live in an area with hard water, you have to invest more efforts and resources in caring for your shower glass. To prevent mineral deposits from building up and setting on the Enduroshield-coated glass, make sure to wipe the glass dry every time you get out of the shower.

Advantages of Enduroshield coating

1. Highly effective

Enduroshield is one of the leaders in the industry of household coatings. It relies on a smart protection technology that repels water and oils and hinders grime from sticking to the glass. It also keeps soap scum loose until you grab the sponge or squeegee to remove it.

2. Long-lasting

The nice thing about Enduroshield coating is its durability. It isn’t much affected by wear and tear and needs no revitalization to get back in shape after being bombardated by grime, germs, oils and hard water. It sits in place until you decide to remove it using strong acids and abrasive tools.

3. Easy application

There is no need for a professional to apply the coating. You can apply it on your own by following the product’s instructions. The whole process lasts for not so long as to distract you from the major tasks of your daily schedule.

4. Easy to clean

If you don’t know how to clean Enduroshield shower glass, not to worry. Cleaning this coating is extremely easy, because it doesn’t allow dirt and oil to bind to it. All you need is a microfiber cloth and some dish soap to help the glass impeccably clean in 3-4 wipes.

5. Affordable

Vern’sGlass points out that Enduroshield is an inexpensive coating that works wonders with your glass. It may seem quiet pricey as you buy it, but if taking into consideration its durability that allows it to serve you for years, it is a really smart investment.

Final thoughts

Cleaning an Enduroshield-protected glass is as easy as ABC. Dirt and grease don’t have the chance to stick to the coating. That’s why, a part of them will drain down the glass, another part will sit loose on the shower screen, ready to be removed with a few wipes. Make sure, though, that the tool you remove the debris with is non-abrasive. Otherwise, the Enduroshield coating will suffer.

Moreover, you should avoid using harsh chemicals and strong acids, as they can gradually but surely ruin the coating. For a safe clean, use only mild detergents, mild vinegary mixture (for mineral deposits), and cleaning tools that are soft to touch, such as microfiber cloth and squeegee.