How to Clean Dog Teeth without Brushing?

Like with human beings, it is also essential for dogs to have excellent oral health. One of the most recommended ways to clean dog teeth is by brushing them. However, that is not the only method that you can use. It is hard to brush some dogs. In these cases, it is better to find an alternative to use.

In this article, you will find five different methods on how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

Benefits of Excellent Oral Health Care for Dogs

Dental health care is essential to dogs. Its primary importance is to prevent dental disease for dogs, but there are also other significant reasons why dog owners need to consider it. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean provides benefits. Here are some of them.

Avoid lousy breath.

Like with human beings, a dog’s breath becomes terrible when it has not brushed or cleaned its teeth for a long time. If you have close interactions with your dog, you can smell its breath. If it has a foul odor, it is time to clean your dog’s teeth.

Prevent tooth loss.

Without proper dental care, dogs are more likely to lose a tooth or two. Prevent this by using toothbrushes, supplements, or chew toys. When your dog’s teeth are healthy, they are less likely to break off and more likely to remain in place.

Protect against dental disease.

There are various signs of dental diseases. Your dog can have broken or loose teeth. They might even have a bleeding mouth or experience constant drooling. Dental diseases vary in intensity, but it is still better to keep away from them.

Prevent organ damage.

Worse cases of periodontal diseases in dogs can eventually lead to organ damage. This is because bacteria from the mouth transfers to different organs of your dog like its kidneys, liver, nervous system, or heart. Good dental health can keep away from these harmful effects.

5 Brush-Free Ways to Clean Dog Teeth

Dogs tend to run away from toothbrushes, especially if they are unfamiliar. If you are having a hard time using a brush but still want to maintain good oral health for your dogs, there are still ways on how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

1. Dental Wipes

Dental cleaning wipes for dogs are like human wipes, except that they are used for their teeth. These wipes can be found on both online and offline pet shops. They are formulated with specific ingredients that prevent periodontal disease for dogs.

Dog dental wipes come in different flavors to make it an enticing experience for a dog. While brushing your dog’s teeth can take a long time, using these wipes only take a small amount of time. Gently open your dog’s mouth and take a swipe.

2. Dental Treats

Dental treats come in different forms and sizes. However, most of them are made with shapes and ingredients that scrape off tartar, plaque, and the like. These treats are an easy way to clean your dog’s tooth – you only need to feed your dog a piece or two.

Dental treats are also easy to acquire. Grocery stores, veterinaries, pet stores, and online shops usually sell a brand or two of different dental treats. They also come in different flavors that can help when you have an incredibly picky dog.

3. Dog Chews

Dog chews are similar to dental treats. However, they differ in size and textures. While usual dental treats are consumed easily, dog chews can also be eaten. However, your dog will take its time to chew it off.

Different dog chews have a variety of ingredients. However, most brands have turmeric, peppermint, and apple as natural ingredients for these chews. These products prevent dental diseases and give a fresh and pleasant breath for your dog.

4. Oral Sprays or Gels

Most pet stores and veterinaries sell oral dental sprays or gels for dogs. While they can be hard to find in grocery stores, they are still easily accessible. Like human oral sprays, you will only need to spray this product on your dog’s mouth.

While this is an effective method, it takes a relatively slower time to take effect. However, it is still an easy activity to do, especially in comparison to brushing your dog’s teeth.

5. Chew Toys

Chew toys are not only great ways for your dog to pass the time, but they are also excellent ways to maintain your dog’s good oral health. While it is essential to consider the material and hardness of these toys, most of them can help clean your dog’s teeth.

With a chew toy, your dog can scrape off plaque and tartar while playing with it. However, not all chew toys are suitable for your dog’s dental health. Fuzzy textures and tough rawhides can fracture your dog’s teeth, especially if they are already in bad condition.

Things to Consider

When performing the different ways on how to clean dog teeth without brushing, there are things that you should keep in mind. These things can help ensure that you are utilizing these methods in the best possible manner.

Limit daily treats.

While dental treats are suitable for your dog, they should be used in moderation. If you feed a dog more than three treats in a day, it can become detrimental to its health. Since these treats have unique formulations, it is best to limit their intake.

Different dogs have different preferences.

Some dogs are more likely to prefer one method over another. While all of the methods mentioned are effective ways to prevent dental damage, their usefulness varies.

Stay away from tough chews and chew toys.

Instead of maintaining good oral health for your dogs, tough chews and chew toys can do the opposite. When buying dental chews and chew toys, you should keep their firmness and texture in mind. This is a crucial point to consider, especially if you own a small dog that needs softer chews.

Choose products with the VOHC seal.

Before you buy a treat or a toy, you can check for the VOHC seal. With this seal, you are assured that the product you are buying is safe and effective.