How to Clean Cheer Shoes? 8 Detailed Steps!

The most meaningful part of a cheerleader’s uniform is a cheer shoe. These types of shoes support the feet of cheerleaders when they tumble, jump and do any kind of stunt on the floor. Cheer shoes allow them to do acts that could be dangerous without proper practice and equipment. You can say that it is the partner of every cheerleader.

Though keeping your cheer shoes in a sparkling and bright state could be exhausting, it is actually a vital part of the routine. It gives you a good start in the actions you’ll do, and of course, it makes you feel the same comfort as when it is new. Failure to clean your cheer shoes regularly may stack potential debris and dirt accumulated from the stage and practice.

If you are taking care of your shoes well, they will also serve you in the best way possible. It is proven to last longer when you clean it. Furthermore, who does not want their cheer shoes to continue securing their feet, ankle, and knees from any further injury?

That is the only purpose why we planned this “How to clean cheer shoes” article focusing on cleaning your cheer shoes. We hope that this simple guide can help in making you perform the best cheerleading show.

Table of Contents

Detailed Guide on How You Should Clean Your Cheer Shoes

First of all, you should keep in mind that dirt happens naturally when you are practicing. You cannot prevent stains and unknown marks from getting on your shoe. You can only see it as proof of how well you practiced after using it. While many people may suggest cleaning your shoes with bleach, it can raise the probability of discoloration and yellowing.

Experts recommend that you use a proper degreaser like Simple Green, 409, and Mean Green, but even those kinds of chemicals need to be taken slowly. Here are the things that you’ll need in cleaning your favorite cheer shoe – the best way.

  • Your chosen degreaser
  • An old toothbrush
  • An old towel
  • White clean cloth
  • Toothpaste
  • Rubber Gloves (this is optional)
  • Water

Step 1: Make Sure Your Area is Ready

Choose an area where you can clean freely without minding any possible dirt. Then, lay a clean towel down on it and make sure that the site is ready. By doing so, you can proceed to the next step more easily. However, if you think you have sensitive skin, you may optionally want to wear a rubber glove to prevent any side effects.

Step 2: Take Out Your Old Toothbrush

It might be surprising, but after trying out different cleaning materials, the toothbrush is the one that works very well in cleaning the surfaces. In fact, it can also be used to clean jewelry. So, when you clean the toothbrush, you may add some toothpaste in the same amount that you would put when brushing your teeth. This will help with more precise measurements.

Step 3: Brush off the Cheer Shoe

This step will be committed to giving you space as you brush your shoe rigorously. For a better cleaning technique, you may put your hands in the shoe so that you can take hold of the shoe’s shape. Then, brush the dirty areas gently in different circular motions. Brushing your cheer shoe is the same as brushing your teeth, so you might as well imagine it in order to estimate the right amount of force. With the cheer shoe sole, however, you may scrub harder.

Step 4: Wipe it Off

Upon finishing the third step, and when you think you have done well with the brushing, you may start wiping it off using a damp clean cloth. Since it is not recommended to rinse the shoe too much, you should prepare a slightly wet cloth instead to do the work. Finally, remove all the visible toothpaste and dirt.

Step 5: Repeat If Needed

Since there are more challenging spots in the cheer shoe, you may sometimes have to clean it twice. The same steps apply. After brushing it, you can again use a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste and dirt.

Step 6: Use Degreaser With Unremovable Stains

If repeating the steps did not work well to clean up your cheer shoes, then it is time for using degreasers. Stains and marks that are generated on shoes as you are doing your cheering exercises are removable with degreasers. To do it, you may simply spray a tiny amount on the affected area and scrub it off with a toothbrush. You can also apply the circular motions and wipe them off to do it more effectively. However, do not leave the degreaser or toothpaste on for an extended period.

Step 7: Dry it Off

Using a clean damp cloth, you may give your cheer shoes another wipe before you proceed in drying them. It is suggested to dry it naturally in the air, but if it is needed to be used in an urgent matter, you may use electric fans to raise pressure on the wind. That way, the natural components of the shoes remain preserved, and the drying time will be faster. It will also lessen the probability of discoloration, yellowing, and other types of damages in your shoes.

Step 8: Include Your Laces

While you may be focusing on your shoes too much, do not forget that laces could also get dirty. So, when you are cleaning the cheer shoe, you should include the laces as much as possible by doing the same steps done above. Just like the shoe, laces also need to be brushed thoroughly and dried well. However, if you think it is damaged too much, you can always resort to buying a new shoelace.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Cheer Shoes

How to clean cheer shoes isn’t always brushing steps; there is also advice from professionals regarding the proper care needed by your cheer shoes.

Limit the frequency of wearing your cheer shoes. That’s because if you are wearing it too often, it may become a reason for them to last shorter. Hence, before and after practice, you should put on your usual shoes or a pair of slides.

To avoid spreading odors and stains from your daily workout clothes and uniform, you should have a designated compartment or bag for your cheer shoe.

Ensure that your shoes are stored properly when you are not using them so that the components are preserved well.