How to Clean Cat without Bath?

While they like watching the water running from the tap, cats are not big fans of bathing. Submerging your cat in water every time you have to clean her may be distressing for her. That’s why, you have to look for waterless ways of cleaning your pet to minimize the anxiety and stress arising with frequent bathing. Keep reading to learn how to clean cat without bath.

Cat bath wipes

The most cost-effective way of removing dirt and fur from your cat without using water are cat bath wipes. The wipes have a deodorizing and sanitizing effect and are infused with a pleasantly-smelling essential oil that makes the feline feel good during the cleaning process. Run the wipe from your cat’s head to her tail with motherly care. Try to avoid chaotic scrubbing, as it may spread the grime and cause fur matting. Go with long and gentle strokes to spread the natural oils across the cat’s fur.

It’s highly important to assess your cat’s mood before starting the cleaning session. Your best bet is to proceed with the wiping job when your pet is calm and relaxed. If she is upset, pat her with one hand while steadily and seamlessly introducing the wipe with another hand. If she categorically resists your grooming efforts, leave her alone and try another day. Keep in mind that cats have some spots that they like being groomed. If you prove especially considerate with them, your feline may agree to sit calm until you finish cleaning her.

The cat may become especially agitated when you reach her face. To prevent negative associations, act as carefully and motherly as you can. Place one hand under the cat’s chin to offer support to her head. With another hand slowly run a new wipe across the cheeks, forehead, nose and around the eyes. Don’t hesitate to give your pet yummy stuff to motivate her sit calm.

Don’t forget about paws. They accumulate a lot of dirt during the day and require frequent cleaning. If your kitty refuses to have her paws submerged in water, use bath wipes. Scrub the paws, applying medium force. Wipes are less effective in removing absolutely all grime from the paws, but some result is still guaranteed.

While providing an waterless alternative to cat cleaning, it is not recommended to use bath wipes on daily basis, as they can dry your feline’s skin. Alternate the wipes with other water-free methods which we are going to discuss below.

Waterless cat shampoo

While most shampoos we know are dissolved in water, there are some of them that don’t need the help of water to take their effect. A waterless cat shampoo comes in the form of foam made of non-toxic all-natural ingredients that don’t cause skin dryness. Just like wipes, shampoo application can cause discomfort to your furred companion.

Apply the shampoo when she is relaxed and calm. Play with her before the clean to lift her mood and reduce the chance of her resisting you. Once you have spread the shampoo onto the can’t coat, use a pin brush to remove the excess foam. Since pin brush is stiff enough to hurt the pet, you have to use it slowly and gently.

Regular grooming

Regular grooming is also an answer to the question “how to clean cat without bath?”. A high-quality grooming tool helps distribute natural oils throughtout the fur, detangle the mats and remove loosen hair. Tools you are recommended to use include a pin brush, a grooming glove and shiers. The role of a pin brush is to remove tangles and lift debris that got stuck in the pet’s coat. Brush the cat from the head to tail, being extra gentle on sensitive areas, like belly and chest.

You are good to use a grooming glove once or twice a week to remove the loose fur and take your pet’s shedding under control. Don’t try to remove the stubborn mats with the pin brush. Excess pulling can seriously injure your feline and make her stressed. You would be much safer using the shiers to cut the troublesome knots.

How to remove sticky mess from cat’s fur?

Dealing with any sticky, tacky substance stuck on your pet’s coat without water is a challenge task. While a warm water bath would be the fastest way of ridding the fur of sticky stains, there are other methods to do it, including cooking oil, baking soda and oio. We would recommend to use baking soda, as it doesn’t require rinsing. Sprinkle soda on the sticky stain. Press it with a rug for better adherence and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, brush the soda off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Also, you can use a cat or dog brush to remove the stubborn residue, leaving your feline spotlessly clean. The nice thing about baking soda is that it plays more roles at the same time. Aside from removing the sticky grime, it works as a deodorizer and a sanitizer.

However, if your cat doesn’t like being sprayed with baking soda, leave this product aside and try something else. You can use soap to deal with greasy spots, just make sure not to use a lot of water to rinse it off. For rinsing, you are best off using a damp cloth, patiently and repeatedly wiping until all soap residue goes out.

To wrap up

This article suggests pet owners ways of how to clean cat without bath. While cleaning your cat without water seems impossible, there are still some methods that allow you do it. The cheapest way is using pet bath wipes. While not as effective as water, they prove a reliable helper in removing dirt from your cat. However, if used permanently, wipes can dry the cat’s skin. That’s why, you are good to alternate them with waterless shampoo that does a great job of lifting grime while not damaging your feline’s skin. Don’t forget about grooming tools either. They are essential at keeping your pet’s fur free of debris and mats.