How to Clean Acrylic Makeup Storage?

The acrylic makeup storage is an essential device for storing makeup tools and ensuring they are pristine. It is engineered precisely with soft and perfectly curved edges. Ideally, it helps to extend the lifespan of your makeup objects. This product is portable and relatively straightforward to shift from one position to another.

The modern and sophisticated makeup storage has distinctive compartments to store your makeup items in separate drawers comfortably. However, it is quite imperative to ensure that you carefully clean your acrylic makeup storage.

The article below discusses the best tips on how to clean acrylic makeup storage:

How to Clean Acrylic Makeup Storage

When cleaning your makeup storage, it is essential to avoid strong cleaners such as ammonia and acetone. You should also avoid using ethyl alcohol as it can lead to discoloration of the surface of your makeup storage. Typically ensure that you don’t clean your makeup storage with abrasive cleaners, solvents, steel wool, rough sponges, or cleaning powders.

When cleaning, you can apply the plastic cleaning solution on the surface. Gently clean the surface and carefully polish the acrylic with a microfiber cloth to remove all the dust and debris. Other essential tips for incorporating when cleaning the makeup storage include:

  • Eliminate all scratches-you can incorporate a plastic polish kit to eliminate all scratches on the surface of the makeup storage.
  • Dust any fingerprints-if you notice any fingerprints on the surface of your acrylic, you can use a microfiber cloth to eliminate the prints.
  • Eliminate makeup stains-if you notice any makeup stains use a microfiber and dip in a detergent diluted with water. The wet cloth is quite efficient in getting rid of all stains and smudges.
  • After thoroughly cleaning your makeup storage, ensure that you rinse it with clean and clear water.

How to Clean the Acrylic Makeup Storage Drawers

The acrylic makeup storage contains some compartments where you can hold your makeup tools safely and efficiently. It is imperative to ensure that you clean these drawers to prevent dirt and debris from interfering with the structural integrity of your makeup tools.

When cleaning the drawers, you can opt to fill the sink with hot water and a mild detergent. Next, separate the drawers into lids and bottoms, which is dependent on their construction. You can then wash them in the sink and leave them to air dry.

Another effective method of cleaning your drawers include emptying your makeup drawers then using wipes to clean the inside of the drawers.

Can you Dish wash the Acrylic Containers?

Washing the acrylic containers in a dishwasher will cause them to cloud and develop various cracks. Thus it is not recommended to put the removable parts of the makeup storage in the dishwasher. The best cleaning tactic is using clean water. Use a mild detergent in the cleaning process as high temperatures or abrasive chemicals will interfere with the structural integrity of the makeup storage.

Other Important Tips to Maintain your Makeup Storage

It is essential to ensure that you take proper care of your makeup storage as it will extend the lifespan of your makeup. One of the best ways to ensure that your makeup storage is in good condition is to clean the makeup storage item regularly. Some other important tips include:

Ensure the Makeup Storage is free from Moisture

Ensure that your makeup storage is always dry, as makeup cannot stand any form of moisture. Moisture will encourage the growth of bacteria, which will destroy your eye shadow and other makeup items. To ensure that your storage kit is free from water, you can use a dry cloth to wipe it frequently.

Store your Items in Accordance to Use

When storing your makeup items, it is paramount to divide them according to how often you use them. The storage method involves keeping those that are often used first then those occasionally used last. The process ensures easy access to your makeup. It also prevents you from upsetting or rustling everything when you are searching for something. In the acrylic drawers, you can comfortably store your makeup as it will be free from dust and is quite visible.

Wash your Brushes Frequently

After a prolonged period of using your brushes, they will accumulate dust and debris. These makeup brushes can harbor bacteria and germs. Thus it is vital to ensure that you wash them on a weekly or monthly basis. After washing your brushes, ensure that you store them in a flat and horizontal position to ensure that water does not accumulate.

Clean and Re-categorize your Makeup Storage

It is essential to eliminate any expired makeup that you may have in your makeup storage compartment. Thus ensure that you sort your makeup tools and re-categorize. If you have empty products, you can opt to declutter them or empty them. You can also categorize your items in terms of face products, lip products, or eye products. This is the most straightforward method of grouping your makeup.

Store your Items in Drawers Rather than Countertops

You can store your items in drawers rather than the countertops to keep them away from direct sunlight and some other messes. This ensures that the countertop is decluttered, and you can conveniently store your favorite items. Decluttering the countertop ensures that your space is more organized and protects the integrity of your items. It also provides a systematic arrangement of items in your makeup storage tool, and there is minimal damage to your items, such as accidental falls.

Key Takeaway

It is paramount to ensure that you frequently clean your makeup storage with clean water and a mild detergent. You can also incorporate a clean cloth to wipe the drawers and ensure that they are sparkling. Essentially ensure that your makeup storage is always free from moisture to ensure that the water content does not damage your makeup or interfere with its structural integrity. However, when cleaning your acrylic makeup storage, it is essential to avoid harsh chemicals or high temperatures as they can discolor or damage your makeup storage.