How to Clean a Clear Phone Case? Deep and Effective Method!

A phone case does not only protect your device, but also defines who you are. Having it dirty will send a negative message about you to people you interact with. That’s why, it’s crucial that you take good care of it and make sure it’s always as impeccably clean as new. Find below some simple guidelines on how to clean a clear phone case.

Why does phone case get dirty?

Being exposed to heavy use on daily basis, your phone tends to get messy really fast. Over time, it turns into a hub of bacteria, greasy stains and dirt that spoil its allure of a fashionable accessory. What else makes your phone less appealing is its clear case turning yellow. This is a natural process that happens to silicone — the material the clear case is made of — as it ages.

Typically, it takes quiet a while until the case starts fading to yellow. But, the process gets accelerated if the phone case experiences frequent exposure to heat, light and chemicals. Luckily, you can remove the annoying yellow and daily grime by following some easy cleaning tips. Here are the most effective methods of cleaning a clear phone case.

Dish soap

If you notice light stains on your clear phone case, a dish soap mixture can help get rid of them. Add some drops of dish soap into a cup of water. Mix until the solution becomes foamy. Take the case off the phone. Dip a toothbrush into the mixture and gently scrub the stains out. With a little elbow grease, the scuff marks, grease spots, and food stains will disappear from your phone case, leaving it sparkling clean. If any scuff marks remain, use an eraser to remove them.

Dedicate a little more time to hardly-accessible parts of the case, including charging port and camera slot. They require a bit more scrubbing job, but it won’t take you ages and drain you of energy. Once your case is back to its transparent appeal, rinse it and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. Then let the case sit in a ventilated place for an hour so that all nooks and crannies get dry. Keep in mind that dish soap is effective only for light stains. Don’t insist with aggressive rubbing if the stain refuses to get out. Simply turn to other cleaning methods.

Isopropyl alcohol

You can tackle medium stains on your case with Isopropyl alcohol. It’s also effective at killing bacteria and preventing yellow spots. Coat the case with Isopropyl alcohol. Take a soft cloth to wipe the case and remove the alcohol. Use circular motions and slightly press to force the messy stuff out. For more convenience, place the case on a flat and solid surface to create a support while you are scrubbing.

Once the case gets crystal clean, allow it one hour to get completely dry. Then, place it back on the phone. Keep in mind that Isopropyl alcohol can remove some of the yellow stains, mostly the light ones. But it can’t reverse the yellowing process of the aged silicone. In this situation, you will have to replace the old case.

Hydrogen peroxide

While it’s hard to avoid and remove the yellow spots, you can cause a delay in their appearance. You can use for that hydrogen peroxide which acts as a UV stabilizer. Sun’s UV is oftentimes to blame for silicone’s premature aging and yellowing. By treating your case with hydrogen peroxide, it gets more resistant to prolonged exposure to sun.

First of all, wear protective gloves. Apply a coat of peroxide on both interior and exterior of the phone case. Put the case into a ziplock bag and let it sit in sun for one hour (half an hour on one side and half an hour on other side). Then remove the case from the bag, rinse it and allow it naturally dry for a few hours. Remember this method is not for removing yellow marks, it’s for preventing them.

Baking soda

If you wonder how to clean clear phone case that hasn’t been sanitized for ages, baking soda is an answer. This product proves a great fighter against tough stains and an outstanding deodorizer. Sprinkle baking soda on the case. Take a toothbrush and get its bristles well moisturized. Start scrubbing the stubborn marks with the wet brush. The abrasion provided by the soda allows for greater cleaning power and better results

Aside from removing tough stains, baking soda absorbs grease and neutralizes odors. Once the case gets impeccable and pleasantly smelling, wipe the soda off and rinse the case with warm water. Let it air dry for one hour before you get it back onto your mobile device.

Toothpaste and paint thinner

If you are not ready yet to part with your outdated phone case, use some shocking cleaning to bring it to a decent condition. Apply a coat of toothpaste on your case and scour it with steel wool. Then rinse the paste off and replace it with a coat of paint thinner. Continue scouring. This rough method aims at removing the toughest stains that have accumulated on the case over time. It can even remove a good deal of yellow spots.

Once a high level of cleanliness is reached, place the case under running water to rinse the paint thinner off. One thing to understand about abrasive cleaning is it shouldn’t become routine. You don’t have to use this method too many times in a short period of time, as it will damage your case. Use the safer methods mentioned above to prolong the lifespan of your clear case.

To wrap up

There is nothing difficult in how to clean a clear phone case. Just make sure you have the needed supplies on hand to guarantee a deep and effective cleaning. Since you use the phone every day, you should clean its case at least once a week. This will keep bacteria growth at bay and maintain your gadget in a presentable condition.