How Often Should the Ceramic Filter Candles be Washed?

If you own multiple water filtration containers in your house, then you’ve probably had a ceramic candle within your equipment list as well. You should know by now that these ceramic candles are cleanable for a better filtering system.

However, with time, these ceramic candles will get discoloured as they collect more pathogens, particles, and harmful substances from the water. If this happens, you should know how to clean it properly to prolong the life span of your filtration system.

But, have you ever wondered how often should the ceramic filter candles be washed? Well, if you don’t know the answer, this article will give you the information you need on how to properly clean and replace your ceramic filter candles when need be.

How Often Should the Ceramic Filter Candles Be Washed?

Regularly, you should check your ceramic candle’s condition every 6-9 months after installing, and you can clean them about 50 times! The reason for cleaning them in that time frame is because sometimes, there are instances that the carbon media, which regulates the toxins and pathogens, degrade sooner than the ceramic itself.

If you want to know the signs that your ceramic is deteriorating, you can check the colour. When delivered, it starts with a bright white colour which determines its effectiveness and filtration efficiency. Once it turns into a more yellowish hue, that’s a sign that pathogens and particles are starting to build up inside your filter, which signals that you should clean them already.

A degraded carbon media inside a candle is much less efficient and effective in absorbing those pathogens, resulting in water flowing slowly due to build-up plus water flowing without proper filtration.

How Do You Clean Ceramic Filter Candles?

Ceramic candle filters are pretty fragile since they are made from your coffee mug’s same material. Cleaning them requires extra attention and care since they can break and become useless immediately.

Here are steps on how you properly clean them:

  • Please remove it from your water filtration system with CARE, as your ceramic candle may break when not handled properly.
  • Wrap the mount with some plastic and rubber bands to prevent contaminants and toxins from getting in the candle.
  • Place the ceramic candle under running water and clean the outside with a small brush or sponge. Remember that you should not brush towards the mount but be somewhat away from it to avoid additional pathogens from your material contacting the mount.

Once you start washing and scrubbing your ceramic candle, the yellowish colour will dissipate and return to bright white, indicating the candle is clean and ready to put back on your filtration system.

When cleaning, make sure to use ONLY water and a scrub; no soap, detergents, metal, or steel wools to clean your candle as they can easily damage the surface and add more pathogens.

What To Do If You Dropped Your Ceramic Candle?

We get a little bit clumsy now and then when carrying objects, especially if it’s breakable materials. But, unfortunately, the ceramic candle is made of fragile ceramic.

Here are the steps you need to do once you accidentally drop your ceramic candle to the floor:

  • The first step is air-drying the filter for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Secondly, submerge it into clean, running water to test for any cracks or leakage.
  • If there is a crack, the water inside the candle will be bubbling. Bubbling water inside a ceramic candle indicates apparent damage that signals immediate replacement.

How Long Does A Ceramic Candle Last?

When it comes to materials and equipment used in filtration systems, they should last for a couple of months, or even better, more than a year, to get your money’s worth on clean and fresh drinking water.

Typically, the carbon media in your ceramic candle will last for 6-8 months, while the ceramic casing will stay up until a year. Therefore, it’s essential to clean them regularly and replace them as the instruction manual says so that your ceramic candle will last longer than it should be.

How Does A Ceramic Filter Candle Work?

If you’re curious about how a ceramic candle filter works, the answer is pretty simple- it acts like a net. It’s a net to capture any harmful particles and pathogens that might be within the running water.

To give a more detailed process, here’s how they work:

  • The ceramic candle is placed between the upper and lower containers. The upper container is sealed shut so that air pollution doesn’t mix with the water itself.
  • After the candle is placed and the upper container is sealed, the water seeps into the candle onto the lower container, cleared of any harmful substances.
  • Open the tap below the container to receive clear and fresh drinking water.

These substances are removed through processes called adsorption and mechanical trapping. Furthermore, quality control is achieved by mixing incombustible materials within the clay mix to ensure that the filter pores are small enough to let water pass through while keeping contaminants suspended.

Some companies add in Colloidal silver to aid in breaking down the pathogen’s cell membranes for faster destruction and decomposition.

How To Take Care Of Your Ceramic Candle

Contaminants will still invade your ceramic candle even when installed back in the filtration system, even after cleaning. So here are steps to make sure pollutants are decreased on your following cleaning schedule:

  • Wear gloves while cleaning as your hands are naturally dirty from the things you touch. Please do not put the ceramic glass on any surface as they are also inherently messy.
  • Aside from the ceramic glass, it would be best if you also cleaned the upper and lower container of the water should also be cleaned alongside to eliminate most of the particles inside.
  • Do not use soap and chlorine in cleaning your ceramic candles.


Knowing how to clean your ceramic candle contributes immensely to the quality of your drinking water. These tips and pieces of advice will surely prolong the lifespan of your ceramic filter candles and increase the filtration efficiency of your system.