Can You Wash Shin Guards in the Washer?

Soccer is a popular game many children play. The game itself, however, can be very rough and tumble. Players often come into contact with other players, which can sometimes result in scrapes and bruises. One way to avoid these sorts of injuries is to wear shin guards while playing soccer.

Not only do shin guards protect your legs from injury, but they also help you stay on the ball longer. Shin guards should always be washed after every use. They should never be thrown into the dryer or left out to air dry; instead, they must be hand washed in cold water with mild soap and air-dried. To get the most bang for your buck (and keep your shins looking great), follow these helpful tips for washing shin guards!

Can You Wash Shin Guards in the Washer

If you wonder if shin guards can be put in the washing machine, the answer is yes. Because they are made of solid plastic, shin guards can stand up to a water cycle. Even better, they are cheap to replace, which makes washing them frequently not a big deal financially.

Using the Heater vs. the Dryer

The HEAT button on the washer can ensure that shin guards will be ready for the next game after a short wash cycle. It will take a long time to wash the shin guards in the regular washing machine. Using the washing machine can dry out the shin guards. Instead, the best way to wash your shin guards is to use the microwave. Microwaves have a special setting that will heat up the shin guards and get them clean in a much shorter amount of time. A microwave should be used for the shin guards only. Do not use the microwave for other clothes or other items that you will not be wearing. Make sure the shin guards are well dried before putting them back on. It is best to use a blow dryer in this case.

Ways to keep shin guards clean

When cleaning shin guards, you can get many great benefits. You will clean the surface of the shin guards, and then the cloth will become much easier to wash. Some people may also add fabric softener to the wash cycle. This is a natural way to keep them smelling good!

After washing shin guards, they must be dried thoroughly before being hung to dry. This is to get rid of the bacteria, sweat, and dirt. You can also vacuum the shin guards before hanging them up to dry. Many people also say that putting them in the dryer will bring them down in quality. The best way to dry them is in the sun, or by using a clothesline.

How to wash shin guards?

You need to wash them because most soccer players like to wear them throughout the season. The sweat from a match can also get stuck between the inner and outer shin guards, leading to sores and infections. Washing them is the best way to get rid of those germs and keep your shin guards looking fresh and clean.

The first thing you’ll want to do is launder the shin guards by hand. Launder them inside-out and then in a cold wash. Gently put them into the washing machine and watch them spin for a full cycle. Rinse them off in lukewarm water and air-dry them on a towel before placing them in your soccer bag.

Avoid the dryer

The primary method for cleaning shin guards is washing them. However, the dryer is not the best method to remove dirt and sweat. Although the dryer may dry them quickly, it will also deteriorate the material of the shin guards. They should always be washed in a gentle dish soap solution to get the most effective results.

Soften the shin guards

The best method for cleaning a shin guard is washing it. The process can be quite easy, and the result can be satisfyingly clean shin guards. To soften the shin guards:

  • Apply a lukewarm washer to the outside of the shin guards.
  • Submerge the shin guards in the warm water and wring out the excess water.
  • Rinse the shin guards and gently squeeze them out before hanging them to dry.

Use mild soap and cold water

Don’t use scalding or boiling water to wash your shin guards. For this reason, keep them in the kitchen or laundry room. Caulk the box with old towels or place it in a laundry basket. Pull your shin guards out carefully and hang them over the faucet. Use a pair of tongs to remove each of the layers. Don’t put them back into the box until they are completely dry. Once all layers are removed, hang the shin guard by the straps and leave them to air dry.

You can use a rag to agitate or rinse

Shoulder pads and other loose skin often get stuck to the shin guards, causing them to be dull and ineffective. To remove these layers, you can use a rag to agitate them in cold water and then dry them.

Air dry them before putting them away

The first step to washing shin guards is to air dry them. If you choose to throw them into the dryer, make sure the shin guards are completely dry before leaving them there. If you put them in the dryer, the shins will become wrinkled, and the colors will fade. For best results, place shin guards in the dryer without using any wrinkles-only dry. When dry, the shin guards can be hung up to air dry.

Get a firm hand with the shin guards

Begin by removing the laces and the stitching at the top of the shin guards. When removing the laces, make sure to leave enough slack in the laces so that they don’t snap when you try to pull them off. This allows you to get a firm hand on the shin guards without causing them to come apart.

Final Thoughts

Now that we answer the question, “can you wash shin guards in the washer?” you might want to wash shin guards on your own. It’s super easy to do so, so don’t give up if you find them tough. If you have any doubt about the methods of washing your shin guards, you can always ask for help from your friends or family members. Just remember that washing it is the best way to keep it functioning well for a long time, so don’t forget to wash it regularly if you want them to last!