Can You Wash Nutribullet Blades in Dishwasher?

The NutriBullet is a modern and sophisticated home blender engineered to extract various nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The blender has two main blades, which are pretty imperative in the blending process. It has one standard extractor blade with four sources and another milling blade with only one blade.

To ensure that your blades are in pristine condition, it is intrinsic to wash them regularly. The following article discusses how to effectively clean your NutriBullet blades and answers whether; you can wash NutriBullet blades in the dishwasher.

Can You Wash Nutribullet Blades In Dishwasher?

Ideally, it is recommended that you clean the blades with warm and soapy water. To effectively remove any stubborn stains on the blades, you can use a brush to loosen any debris on the blades. If you want to clean the blades in a better way, ensure that you rinse the blades with 10% of dilute vinegar, lemon juice, and water solution.

It is not recommended that you use the dishwasher as the heat may damage various gaskets and make them loosen and may fall out. Other blender parts are safe for the dishwasher, such as the rings, cups, and lids. You can place them in a dishwasher as they are crafted from BPA-free plastics, and you can wash them without any worries.

How do you Clean the Nutribullet Blades?

In the cleaning process of the Nutribullet blender, ensure you unplug the blender from your power source. It is intrinsic to remember that the blades are not relatively safe for your dishwasher, and you should incorporate hand washing tips. The following are the tips you should include when cleaning the Nutribullet blades.

  • Disassemble the parts- of the blade is attached to the blender’s cup; you can unscrew it from the cup portion before you start to clean the blades.
  • Wash the blades with warm and soap. It is imperative to ensure that you wash the blades with soap and water on all occasions. Apply two drops of soap and use a sponge to clean the blades and properly clear off any built-up food. It is essential to keep your fingers away from the blade’s sharp edges to prevent any accidental cuts in the cleaning process. It would be best not to wash the blades in a dishwasher as the high heat from the dishwasher will melt the plastic parts.
  • Dry the blades- you should ensure you properly dry the blades using a dry rag. You can place the blades on the drying rack to ensure they air dry before using your blender.

Other Important Tips to Care of your Nutribullet Blender

Check for any Damage

Before you use your blender, it is paramount to check for any damages. You can check for snags and tears in the cord and ensure that the plastic or glass is not cracked, chipped, or broken. It is also essential to check if the blades are well connected to the base or have any other damages such as rust or a bent blade. If you use a blender with some issues, it will cause more problems and interfere with the structural integrity of the blender.

Use the Blender Appropriately

Before using the blender, it is essential to review the manufacturer’s manual carefully. You can check on things such as how long you can use your blender. It is also necessary to check whether the jar is correctly secured to the blender’s base. If you note any damage to the blender ensure you repair it immediately.

Ensure you don’t overload the Blender

When using the NutriBullet blender, it is paramount to avoid overloading your blender. Adding too many liquids or food can cause your motor to wear down very quickly. Also, the blender puts more stress on your blades.

Blenders primary job is to mix soft foods and various liquids. It is imperative to ensure that you avoid harder items. It would be best if you were pretty careful when blending things such as potatoes or ginger roots. If you want to blend hard foods, it is essential to cut the food into small pieces. Blending hard and big chunks of food can wear out your blender’s motor and cause damage to the blades. It can also make your blades seize or jam.

Ensure you Don’t Use the Blender when Empty

Ensure you don’t run the blender when it is empty as it can get damaged. If the blender is empty, it will run at a high-speed rate, thus causing the wearing out of the blades and motor. It is essential to ensure that your blender has something when you are running it.

Also, it is crucial to regulate your speed settings when using the blender. You can start with a slow setting before progressively increasing the speed of the motor. If you start with a very high speed, it causes the wearing down of the blades and motor.

Clean the Blender Jar after Use

It is vital to ensure that you clean the blender jar as soon as you use the blender. If you allow your blender to stay longer with food, it will be pretty hard to remove food that has settled over time on the blades. Leaving your blender jar dirty for long will also cause your blades to rust. Cleaning the blender jar after washing is a smart way to retain the structural integrity of your blender. In the cleaning process, start by rinsing any debris from the jar. Next, clean the jar using a dish detergent and lukewarm water. To ensure that it is effectively clean, you can blend with water and soap for an average of one minute, then rinse thoroughly.

Key Takeaway

Can You Wash Nutribullet Blades In Dishwasher? No, it is not recommended to clean your NutriBullet using a dishwasher. The heat of the dishwasher can interfere with your blades’ integrity and cause the melting of the plastic parts of the blades. When cleaning the Nutribullet blades, you can hand wash them using soap and warm water. For stubborn dirt, you can clean using a sponge or soft brush.