Can You Wash Lava Beads? Best Care Ways!

If you love the idea of stones and chakras, then you have most likely heard of lava beads. You may even be wearing one at this moment. Now, you are probably wondering about what is the best way you can take care of these. Can you wash lava beads? If not, how do you clean it? How to make sure that you are not damaging the lava beads? Well, this article aims to be your washing of lava beads.

What Are Lava Beads

Before we get into the specifics, it is essential to know what a lava bead is, and why it needs meticulous care. With that said, a lava bead is a type of igneous rock that is lightweight, irregularly shaped and has a sponge-like texture. It often appears in the colors black and gray, but it can be dyed in any color. One of the reasons lava beads are a popular gemstone is because they are relatively inexpensive compared to other types.

Benefits of Lava Beads

Lava beads are one of the most used gemstones because of the numerous benefits it offers. Among which are the following:

  • Make you feel calm
  • Strengthens your chakra
  • Manages your temper
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Help you think more logically
  • Promotes fertility
  • Give you the energy that symbolizes rebirth/ renewal

Can You Wash Lava Beads?

Given the significance of lava beads stated above, you are probably asking if you can wash them and retain their benefits. The short answer is that yes, you can wash lava beads, and it will not damage them in any way. However, you do have to observe proper washing methods.

How To Properly Wash Your Lava Beads

The most common way of using lava beads is by adding essential oils to their pores, and as a result, your lava beads can get too oily and irritating to use. To thoroughly clean your lava beads, you will need the following materials:

  • Gentle cleanser
  • Caution: you have to make sure that your soap is not too acidic so that your lava beads will not be damaged.
  • For budgetary purposes, a shampoo may do as long as there are no strong irritants.
  • Warm water
  • Clean cloth


  • Mix a small amount of gentle cleanser into the water, and make sure that it bubbles. The bubbles are an indicator that the gentle cleanser has activated.
  • Soak your lava beads in this mixture for a few seconds, depending on how oily or dirty your lava beads are. Just be sure not to let it soak for too long.
  • Letting the lava beads soak for a bit is vital because the soap mixture needs to penetrate the pores of the lava beads to get all the oil out.
  • After soaking, you can gently rub your lava beads. How long you rub it depends on you as long as you do not over-clean it.
  • You may opt to rub your lava beads under running water for a more thorough cleaning process.
  • Once you are sure that your lava beads have been cleaned from leftover oils, you should wipe them dry with a clean cloth.
  • Once dry, smell your lava beads. If the scent of the gentle cleanser is overpowering, then you should rinse it again because this usually means there is leftover soap.

How To Wash Lava Beads Covered in Dirt

As previously mentioned, lava beads have small openings, and these holes can collect dirt and debris over time. The washing method mentioned above may not work with this because it requires a more tedious process of cleaning. Apart from the materials previously mentioned, you will need to add a toothbrush or makeup brush to the list. As for the process, it is essentially the same but you need to scrub the lava beads with the toothbrush or makeup brush to get into the areas that are hard to reach. For this step, you have to make sure that your brush is not too hard to avoid damaging the lava bead. In addition to that, some lava beads are coated in wax, so be cautious about it if you do not want to remove the wax coating.

How To Wash Lava Beads With Vinegar and Water

Another way to wash your lava beads is by using vinegar and water. This method is believed to preserve more of the stone’s natural elements. For this technique, there are two ways, and you will need the following materials:

  • 50 ml of vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Clean cloth
  • Spray bottle

Procedure #1: This procedure is best for removing dirt, debris, and oil.

  • Mix even parts of vinegar and warm water in a bowl
  • Soak a portion of the cloth with the mixture
  • Gently rub the soaked part of the cloth on the lava beads. You should see the dirt, debris, and oil slowly washing off the lava beads.
  • After which, rinse the lava beads.

Procedure #2: This procedure is best for removing leftover fragrances.

  • Mix even parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the cleaning mixture on the lava beads. Let sit for a bit.
  • Thoroughly rinse the lava beads to remove all leftover smells.

Bonus Information: Can You Shower Or Swim With Lava Beads?

If you are the type to never remove jewelry, then you may worry about damaging your lava beads whenever you emerge in water. But, we are here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. Lava beads are natural stones, so it is safe to shower and swim with them. Showering and swimming with your lava beads may even cleanse it.

Key Takeaway

Lava beads are natural stones that carry numerous benefits. These stones have pores and can often get dirty. To wash lava beads, you may make use of a gentle cleanser and warm water or vinegar and water. For both methods, you have to make sure that you do not overclean them so you can avoid damaging the lava beads. Showering and swimming with your lava bead jewelry also do not damage it, and lightly clean it too.