Can You Wash Halloween Costumes? Great Care Guidelines!

Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it can also get messy. To keep your costumes looking their best this year, we asked three different garment care experts to share with us what they would recommend for washing Halloween costumes.

Read on below to find out how you can wash your Halloween costume!

Can You Wash Halloween Costumes?

The answer to this common question is yes. Most costumes can be successfully laundered by following some guidelines.

Many can be machine washed, while some may require a steam treatment or dry cleaning. Costumes can be made of many different materials, including cotton, polyester, and nylon. Weaving these fibers together can also create unique textures in the fabric that can affect how to wash them successfully.

How to Wash Halloween Costumes the Right Way?

Cute costumes are a pleasure before Halloween but a trick after that. They may become filthy in just one day of fun, from sticky sweets to strange mud stains. However, they should not be limited to a single day each year.

So this post will teach you exactly how to wash your costumes so you may dress up as your characters repeatedly.

Most costumes are polyester, lycra (or a combination of the two) and should be cleaned by hand or in a washing machine. Of course, you should always check your fabric care labels before washing to ensure that those lovely costumes last for years to come!

Washing Polyester

Machine wash on the permanent press cycle with warm water and enzyme-free Dropps Detergent that is gentle on the fibers of the costume. Dropps Minis are the ideal quantity of detergent for washing one or two things and leave no mess!

Those outfits may be a little uncomfortable at times. And it is a no-no for children’s delicate skin! To naturally unstiffen those rigid materials, toss a Fabric Softener Pac into the wash with your clothes.

Once the cycle is complete, we recommend allowing your costume to air dry (heat may be harmful to those delicate fabrics) and enjoying the soft and clean outfit!

Washing Lycra or Spandex

Fill a basin or sink halfway with cold water and place a Dropps Mini Detergent Pac in it. Allow the detergent pack to dissolve before swishing the water around till the detergent is entirely blended in.

Place your garment in the solution and massage it carefully. When wet, the cloth becomes more delicate and prone to stretching, so do not wring it.

Hand-washing costumes are the best solution.

Halloween costumes are typically extraordinarily delicate and will break apart in the laundry. Hand washing children’s costumes are the best rule of thumb. Because Halloween costumes are frequently extremely inexpensively produced and stitched with very rudimentary stitching, the washing machine will likely be excessively harsh and abrasive. Many may even state on the tag, “Not machine washable,” so always double-check.

Examine the labeling and the substance.

Costumes consisting of cotton, polyester, nylon, or acrylic may most likely be machine washed. Always start by checking the tags. Turn outfits inside out while washing them, whether by machine or by hand, to safeguard appliques, sequins, buttons, or any other extras that complete the costume!

Use a mild detergent.

Use a mild, natural detergent whether you’re hand washing or machine washing. Harsh detergents with many chemicals have no place in any laundry, let alone delicate clothing like princess gowns and Batman costumes. Furthermore, you don’t want hazardous chemical residues irritating your children’s skin.

To eliminate wrinkles, use a low heat setting.

So, how do you deal with wrinkles? If there are creases, use a low setting on a steamer or iron, but check the directions on the tag first.

Remember that many children’s costumes are cheaply manufactured and may be destroyed by excessive heat.

Professional Assistance

Costumes labeled “dry clean only,” especially those with unique decorations or trims made of fur, leather, suede, or feathers should be taken to a professional, who will be able to clean them thoroughly.

How to Store Your Halloween Costumes?

If you don’t store your costumes regularly, you’ll find a wrinkled, worn-out costume the next Halloween.

Hanging costumes in a garment or sealable bag can help avoid material deterioration over time and keep your outfit appearing brand new year after year. It also prevents bugs and vermin from getting in and eating away at the cloth.

If they can’t be hung, fold them neatly and store them in a big storage bin to avoid wrinkling. If you really cannot prevent wrinkles, use the Winkle Prevent Option on a fast dry cycle.

When keeping wigs, keep a spherical item inside the wig to help it retain its form. This can be a ball, rolled-up socks, or anything stiff enough to stay in the wig.

Keeping your costumes in good condition ensures that you will not be terrified the next time you open the costume box. It’s one less thing to worry about next year, and if your costumes are designed to last, you won’t have to hurry at the last minute to locate a costume.

Things to Remember

  • Delicate costumes with attachments or separate sections should be draped so that the fabric does not strain. Please put them in a plastic garment bag and keep them in the closet until next year.
  • If your costume is made of long-lasting material, fold it neatly and store it in a zipped freezer bag to keep dust and mildew at bay.
  • Broomsticks and wands, for example, should be wrapped in bubble wrap and stored carefully in a box.
  • To keep hats in shape, stuff them with paper.
  • Wigs should be stored in a sealed bag or box on a styrofoam wig stand.


Halloween costumes aren’t designed to be worn regularly, but you might want to keep your favorite outfit on hand for future gatherings. By taking great care of your costume, you will ensure that it has another chance to terrify.