Can You Wash an Electric Lawn Mower? Improve its Lifespan Tips!

As you use your electric lawn mower more frequently, it gets worn down and abused. For your lawn to be immaculate from pesky grass and weeds, you need your electric lawn mower in tip-top shape.

But how would you clean your electric lawn mower? It’s entirely different from a gas-powered mower, so it has unique needs and attention to care. However, even with the mower manual, cleaning a lawnmower can be a real chore.

Manually cleaning the lawnmower can be tricky, so you thought, “Can I wash my electric lawn mower? The answer is: YES, you can wash your electric lawn mower with water AS LONG AS THE WATER DOESNT COME INTO CONTACT WITH THE MOWER.

To give you the general and safe procedure in cleaning your electric lawn mower, we’ve listed some tips and guides here to bring it back into top condition.

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Can You Wash An Electric Lawn Mower?

As previously mentioned, YES, you can. Here is the step-by-step guide to ensure safety when you clean your electric lawnmower with water:

Turn Off The Power.

Always turn off the power entirely from the electric lawn mower before you start cleaning it.

Disassemble the parts you will be cleaning.

Disassemble everything that can be detached, such as the blade, motor cover, back hatch, joints and connectors, or other attachments to avoid missing a spot during cleaning.


When you’re about to clean your electric lawnmower, it’s possible to wash it with a hose or power washer in a low-pressure setting. However, IT IS NOT ADVISABLE as water and electricity don’t mix very well. Always use a soapy cloth when cleaning your electric lawnmower-wring excess water and soap from the fabric to allow faster drying on your electric lawnmower. Please bring it to a nearby repair shop or do the repairs yourself once you see significant dents and damage.

Inspect for any damages

At the same time as cleaning your lawnmower, it’s also the best time to inspect any damages or loose bolts within your electric lawnmower. Check if your blades are sharp enough to cut grass, and if not, use a blade sharpener to bring back its cutting efficiency. Scan the parts if there are any damages or bruises that can affect the efficiency and lifespan of your electric lawnmower.

Clean the back hatch and blade area with a brush

Always make sure that you clean the underside of your electric lawnmower. That’s where the grass builds up, and if not taken care of, it can grow moulds that might make your work harsher than it was before. Use a brush to scrape off any stuck grass under the lawnmower, as this can become a pile that can affect the speed and power of your lawnmower blade.

Let it dry out

Finally, after a thorough cleaning session, give each part of your electric lawn mower some time to dry before you begin putting it back together.

What Happens When You Leave Your Lawnmower Out in the Rain?

Sometimes, we forgot to store our electric lawnmower in the garage, causing it to wet from the rain or other water sources. If left unchecked, it can become a hazard for you and your family.

Here are some steps to prevent that:

  • Open up the engine hood so that the cables and the engine are exposed to the sun to dry out the water. You can use alternative sources of heat like a hairdryer to make the process faster.
  • Check the insulation levels of your electric lawnmower with a megohmmeter. If it reads low, increase it.
  • When your electric lawnmower is completely dry, this is the time to remove the battery to prevent it from creating a spark.

Maintenance Tips For Your Electric Lawnmower

It’s essential to keep your electric lawnmower in top condition at all times, primarily if your lawnmower is mainly used within a week that can deteriorate its efficiency and lifespan.

If you can keep your electric lawnmower up and running for a long time, then you will be avoiding additional costs to clean up your yard.

We’re here to give you maintenance tips to keep your electric lawnmower in good condition at all times.

Battery Maintenance

  • Always check the battery before and after you cut grass. Check if it still has juice or has problems with the casing. If it does have problems, batteries have extended warranties that you can use to have a free replacement with a nearby shop.
  • Keep it warm at all times. Freezing or hot temperatures can cause internal damage to your battery that will make you buy a new one in no time. Keep them inside your house; a garage can be a storage for your batter to avoid unnecessary damage to your battery.
  • Always have it fully charged. Whether you just used your mower or after six months, always keep your battery fully charged. Your electric lawnmower’s batteries need to be charged and discharged at certain levels to avoid compromising the structure and efficiency.

General Maintenance

  • Read the manual. There’s a reason why there’s a manual. Read it carefully and digest every information and step for your electric lawnmower. The more you understand it, the better attention and care you will provide for it.
  • Before cutting grass, clear any debris like rocks, sticks, and complex objects in your lawn to prevent any severe damages to the blade and mower itself.
  • Ensure to oil the parts of your lawnmower to prevent it from getting stuck or scratching other parts.
  • As mentioned before, don’t leave your mower outside of the garage as water can seriously damage the cables and engines.
  • Always work on dry grass as wet grass contains moisture that can make your lawnmower smell funky and, worst-case scenario, damage it.
  • Make sure each bolt and screw is inserted correctly, as loose screws can potentially destroy your mower or cause harm to others.
  • Lastly, ALWAYS clean your mower after every use, especially to your mower’s hatches and air pockets, as air needs to circulate inside to prevent the engine from overheating.


To answer your question, if you can wash your electric lawn mower, again YES, you can, but it is advisable not to as water can be hard to control, even with a hose. It is convenient and faster but more dangerous compared to a wet towel.

Nonetheless, always make sure that your electric lawnmower is taken care of and is provided with the best working conditions to improve its lifespan for more extended efficiency and cutting prowess.