Can You Steam Clean Saltillo Tile? Proper Care Tips!

Saltillo tile floors are classified as gorgeous elements that are engineered in Mexico. They are authentic tiles crafted with clay and are unglazed, making them look natural and beautiful. There are multiple benefits of using this type of tiles in your home, such as they are low maintenance options, you can use them for outdoor areas, and they are eco-friendly.

It is imperative to learn how to properly care for your tiles to ensure durability and retain their aesthetic appeal. The article below discusses some primary maintenance tips for your tiles and answers the question: “can you steam clean Saltillo tile?”

Can you Steam Clean Saltillo Tile?

It is not recommended to steam clean your Saltillo tile. Remember that the tile is engineered with a porous clay material, and water is an enemy of this material. Steam cleaning the tiles will ruin them and additionally ruin the sealer incorporated. The tile will turn into a white, dull, and hazy material. You will also note some unpleasing pealing of the tile which will make it lose its aesthetic appeal.

Also, it is imperative to note that you should not use harsh chemicals when cleaning the Saltillo floors as they will erode the sealer.

How do you Clean the Saltillo Tile?

If you want to maintain the natural appeal of your tiles, it is imperative to clean them periodically. Remember that the tiles are quite porous, and you should not use the steam cleaning method or use too much water when cleaning the Saltillo tile. In the cleaning process, ensure you use minimal water on the tiles and dry them thoroughly to retain the aesthetic appeal.

It is also important to re-apply a conducive floor polish that helps in preventing the soaking of water. Since the tiles are engineered with clay, they will disintegrate quickly when subjected to high moisture content.

When purchasing the Saltillo tiles, it is paramount to ensure that you purchase the sealed ones. The unsealed tiles are quite absorbent and will disintegrate very rapidly compared to the sealed types.

How to Remove Stains from Saltillo Tile?

Before deciding on the best method to use when removing stains on your Saltillo tile, it is crucial to determine the type of stain you are dealing with. It is also important to identify if the stain is located on the porous tile or the sealer.

After a prolonged period of using the Saltillo tile, they can get worn down due to foot traffic and end up disintegrating. When removing stains, it is important to differentiate between a disintegrated tile from dirt.

When removing stains from the tiles, ensure that you don’t use harsh chemicals such as ammonia. Ammonia is quite an abrasive substance and primarily acts as a stripper and will progressively remove the sealer of your tiles.

Thus it is imperative to use a neutral cleaner and a scrubby to remove any stains on the tile. If you note that the stains are not coming out when using the neutral cleaner, the only option is restoring or replacing the tiles.

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Saltillo Cleaning

When cleaning the Saltillo tile, it is important to differentiate between the indoor and outdoor tiles. Not all floors are equal, and they have different cleaning needs. The outdoor tiles are primarily sealed using a penetrating sealer which ensures that the tiles have a more natural appearance.

Remember that the outdoor tiles are prone to multiple harsh weather elements. They have a high tendency to peel, flake, and grow mold and algae. It is important to maintain the tiles by periodically cleaning them and incorporating a regular maintenance schedule.

When cleaning the indoor tiles, you can use a mop and neutral cleaner. The cleaning hack ensures that you protect your tiles from damage and retains their natural appeal. For the outdoor surfaces, you can use a neutral cleaner and nylon brush.

What are the Other Saltillo Tile Maintenance Tips?

Sweep your Tiles Daily

It is imperative to ensure that you periodically sweep your tiles. Your home is prone to the accumulation of dirt and dust particles. That dust will discolor your tile and make it lose its aesthetic appeal. It is imperative to vacuum the floors immediately after sweeping the floors. The process of sweeping and vacuuming your floors will ensure that you avoid incorporating professional grout and tile cleaning services.

Mop the Floor

After sweeping your floor, it is crucial to ensure that you precisely mop the floor. You can start by moping once a week to remove any dust and debris on the floor. In the cleaning process, you can use two buckets. One bucket will contain the water solution and cleaner, while the second bucket will contain plain water.

Seal the Floors

Sealing the tiles helps conceal any pores and cracks on the Saltillo tiles to ensure that you protect your tiles from harsh external elements. The sealant also makes the cleaning of the floors quite straightforward. It is imperative to ensure that you seal the tiles annually.

Inspect the Cracks

The Saltillo tiles are prone to physical damages such as cracks and pores. If the tiles have some cracks, it will let in the penetration of dirt and debris. Also, if you ignore the various cracks on the tiles, they will progressively grow bigger, jeopardizing your tiles’ integrity.

If the cracks are too big, it is crucial to ensure that you hire a professional who inspects the extent of the cracks and repairs them. In severe cases, the professional will opt to replace the old tiles with new ones.

Key Takeaway

Can you steam clean Saltillo tile? It is not recommended to steam clean the Saltillo tiles as they are porous and you will damage them. It is imperative to ensure that you purchase sealed tiles as they are prone to minimal damage. If your tiles are not sealed, ensure you seal them properly. It is also imperative to annually reseal your tiles to ensure they are outstanding and their structural integrity is intact.

Another maintenance tip for your tiles is to ensure that they are regularly cleaned with a neutral detergent. Also, ensure you sweep and vacuum your tiles frequently to retain their integrity.