Can You Clean Reed Diffuser Sticks? Best Course of Action!

Everyone wants a clean and fragrant home. Not only does it make your home a more cozy and relaxing space to be in, but it also makes the place more accommodating to guests when they come over. This is mainly because aromatherapy through diffusers significantly helps improve one’s overall well being.

Whether it’s dirty laundry, your dog, or just a sweaty outing, some smells are bound to linger in your home for a long time, especially when left unattended. Even if your home doesn’t particularly smell foul, a mixture of subtle odors can cause your home to appear less inviting.

Because of this, most homeowners tend to go for scented candles to improve the home fragrance. Even so, you can only use them intermittently in a day. So, if you want a pleasant-smelling home, scented candles may not be your best option.

Meanwhile, unlike scented candles, reed diffusers provide a long-lasting and continual fragrance that can fill the entirety of your space. What’s great is that the smell lingers for months, too.

Having a reed diffuser filled with just the right fragrance oil can significantly change the ambiance of your home. This ambiance will pleasantly greet every visitor walking through your doors and will also keep your bathroom fresh at the same time. Otherwise, you can also place your reed diffusers inside your closets or cabinets to keep them fragrant instead of constantly airing them out.

What are reed diffuser sticks?

Reed diffuser sticks aid in home fragrance by being inserted into glass bottles and then soaking up the fragrance oil, which will be dispersed into the air. These last until the oil evaporates, allowing for ample time for the pleasant aroma to take up the entirety of the space.

Furthermore, it’s essential that you know some of this necessary information before using reed diffuser sticks. For example, knowing the type of material your reeds are made of is vital since it helps determine the potency and diffusion efficiency they can contribute. Its thickness is also an important factor that influences aroma diffusion as well.

Reed diffusers also make for a safe yet great way to level up your home’s fragrance since they are flame-free and don’t require any heat to function. This means that you can achieve a nice-smelling home without the unnecessary soot and with no risks of accidental fire outbreaks. Because of these, reed diffuser sticks are a more pragmatic scent option solution for homes.

With this in mind, it’s therefore essential to keep a sufficient supply of diffuser sticks if you want your home to smell fragrant for long periods. Still, most practical-minded people often find themselves asking the question, “can you clean reed diffuser sticks?” This thought may have been coming from the idea that reusing reed diffuser sticks seems more convenient than constant purchase.

But before answering that question, this article will first discuss how you can set up a reed diffuser and follow some tips.

How to Set Up your Reed Diffuser

Setting up your reed diffuser is a relatively easy process. Since some diffusers have the oil readily within the vessel, all you have to do is remove the stopper and then put the reeds inside. If this is not the case and the oil is placed in a separate bottle, simply add a few drops of oil onto the vessel. You can keep the remaining or leftover oil in a tightly sealed bottle in a well-ventilated and dark cabinet to ensure that it retains its freshness for a longer time. If you think it’s necessary, you can also opt to add a couple more ounces of the fragrance oil to the diffuser to keep the fragrance.

It’s essential to observe caution when you’re inserting the reeds as well. This is because sometimes, the level of the fragrance oil can increase just enough to create spillage. To prevent this, you must set the diffuser up on a non-porous, elevated surface and immediately clean off any oil drips before putting it on a countertop. This helps prevent any unwanted household risks and keeps them out of reach from little children.

To elaborate, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Put the reed diffuser in an area where there is high traffic so that the aroma can freely disperse throughout the room. You can also place it near the door, so you can immediately pick up the fragrance as soon as you enter.
  • To optimize fragrance, it’s best to flip your reed diffuser sticks every now then. However, it’s important to note that the more sticks you flip and the more often you do it, the faster the fragrance oil will simultaneously evaporate. On a side note, you can also give the bottle a soft swirl so that the ingredients can blend well together, thereby strengthening the scent further.
  • Try to situate your diffuser on a plate or coaster to prevent unnecessary oil drips.
  • Always choose the right size of diffuser for your room. With this, you must consider the size of the room you want to put your diffuser in. remember that the bigger the diffuser, the greater the fragrance will also function in large rooms. Approximately 10 to 12 reed sticks can be used if you want a more encapsulating smell; however, it still depends on the width of your diffuser glass bottle and how strong you want the fragrance to be.

Can you clean reed diffuser sticks instead of replacing them?

Reed diffuser sticks tend to last for about three to four months, depending on your home temperature. However, after that, most people are concerned: Can you clean reed diffuser sticks?

The simple reply to this question is no. This is because once your reed diffuser sticks have been used for a specific scent, you can’t use them anymore for another scent. The reason behind this is that your reeds already absorb the scent; by reusing them, you’re only allowing the absorbed fragrance to mix with the new scent, which can only cause rather unpleasant smell combinations you won’t like.

If you discover that you have already used up your diffuser, or if your sticks are already oversaturated and not diffusing well enough, chances are they are clogged with dust. Because of this, the best course of action is to simply replace them with brand new reeds so that they can diffuse a pleasant aroma again. It’s recommendable to do this only after you topped up your first refill, about six months of use from a set of reed diffuser sticks.

You can, however, clean reed bottles using hot, soapy water. You can also run them through a dishwasher cycle to ensure a more thorough cleaning process, making them fit for reuse.