Can U Wash Football Gloves? Retain Adhesiveness Guides!

Football gloves improve a player’s grip, helping them maintain the ball and make hard catches look easy. They are durable and sturdy, and they reduce friction between the athlete’s hand and the ball. In reality, catching a football is hard and painful, and without gloves, it could hurt and injure a player’s hand. The force of the ball could break the bones of a player’s hands if they don’t wear gloves. The football gloves absorb the excess shock from the ball, which lessens the force felt by the player’s hands.

Football gloves can get very dirty and smelly. However, several football players believe that washing it would reduce its efficiency, leaving it dirty and stinky for the next game and others to come. But having dirty football gloves could cause skin diseases which might affect an athlete’s gameplay.

So, the short answer to the question, can u wash football gloves is yes. All sports attire and accessories must be washed after practice or an intense game to retain effectiveness and efficiency. A good football player cleans their football gloves to maintain their stickiness and help them play better. Here are a few methods on how to wash your football gloves and retain their adhesiveness.

How To Clean Football Gloves

There are several ways to clean football gloves. Handwashing is the most recommended method, but you can also put your football gloves in the washing machine or have them dry cleaned.

1. Handwashing Method

Step 1. As soon as you take off your football gloves, rinse them immediately in a tub or bucket filled with cold water. Remove excess dirt, grass, and mud immediately. Hot water will cause the gloves to expand, which will cause your gloves not to fit you anymore, so it’s not recommended.

Step 2. Use a sports detergent, which is made specifically for sports attire, equipment, and accessories. Rub a bit of liquid soap onto the gloves and rub them in until you create a sufficient amount of suds. Keep rubbing until the suds are no longer dirty.

Step 3. Rub the gloves against each other, especially if they are made of coarse material. Make sure to be gentle while rubbing because rubbing them harshly against each other might damage the surface of the gloves.

Step 4. Rinse the gloves with cold water until they are no longer soapy and dirty.

Step 5. Pat the gloves dry using a towel to remove the excess water. It’s best to air-dry the gloves in sunlight and make sure that there is no moisture before using them again.

2. Washing Machine

Step 1. Before putting the football gloves in the washing machine, remove any excess mud, grass, or dirt that might get stuck in the machine.

Step 2. Check if the gloves have specific cleaning instructions, usually found on a label inside the gloves. If the instructions state that the gloves cannot be washed in the washing machine, stick to handwashing them.

Step 3. If the gloves are washing machine-friendly, turn them inside out before putting them in the machine. Turning them inside out will protect the material of the gloves.

Step 4. You can use a mesh bag, a laundry bag, or a pillowcase to put the gloves in for further protection before putting them inside the washing machine.

Step 5. Use cold water, a sports detergent, and the gentlest cycle to wash the football gloves.

Step 6. Rinse the gloves thoroughly. Remove any excess soap and water, and hang them in the sunlight and air for natural drying. Please do not use the clothes dryer as it produces heat which may damage the material of the gloves.

3. Dry cleaning

There are no steps to follow here. Instead, bring your football gloves to the dry cleaner or the local laundry shop. They will know how to care for and clean your gloves.

Further Care for Football Gloves

Can u wash football gloves? Yes. But there is so much more to just cleaning them. Constant washing might cause the adhesive on it to wear down, which would lead to the player not being able to hold the ball extensively or even catch it properly. The adhesive is there for a reason. It helps the player catch the ball because of friction, and it allows them to hold the ball despite the sweat and dirt on the gloves.

If you cannot wash the gloves in between games, the best thing is to ensure that they dry out completely. Sweat might prevent you from cleaning your gloves thoroughly. Instead, place a few sheets of newspapers inside the gloves. The paper helps absorb moisture and eliminate any nasty smell caused by sweat and dirt. If possible, keep a spare pair of gloves in your locker so that you won’t wear down your first pair too much.

Keep the stickiness of your gloves by using baby wipes to wipe down their palm surfaces. Any dirt, grime, or dust sticking to the gloves will stick to the wipes instead. You can also sun-dry them when not in use to ensure that you have sticky gloves on game day. Some substances are allowed to keep your gloves sticky, like hand sanitizer, glove glue, and spit. However, check out your league’s rules on maintaining sticky gloves legally.


Keeping your football gloves clean and sticky can make or break your gameplay. You can also reduce their stink by using antibacterial denture tablets or a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda. Retain the vibrant color of your gloves by using a gentle detergent or a sports detergent. However, no matter how vibrant your gloves are, keeping them sticky, clean, and smelling fresh is vital. It may be hard to keep your football gloves from smelling bad because of the spit, dirt, and sweat, but there are several solutions to wipe out the stink.

Can u wash football gloves? Definitely. Washing them is still the best option for keeping them functional since washing helps prevent wear and tear on the material of your football gloves.